Colors of Life like colors of rainbow

Eye on every activity that catch my mind and touches my heart


Nothing to win, nothing to lose

Agony, delight, tears, grief

Success, failure, fear, bliss

Nothing exists as such

Our deluded mind

Creates it all

Negative thoughts in my mind

are like the  waves in the ocean

it comes and goes

without disturbing my mind

Like the serene lake

I stay calm and clear

Nothing disturbs me

Not any pain kills me

I abandon darkness

and cherish light

I have been always grateful

To the sky, water, fire, and air

They are my teacher

I don’t need any Ph.D. degrees

To prove my knowledge

To show my wisdom

A beautiful lotus

can grow from a pile of discarded waste

A scented rose

can bloom with so many thorns

A   flute

can play magical melodies with many holes

I am the scented lotus, bloomed rose

and the flute

Every problem is a gift to me

It helps me to grow

It helps me to   know

Who I am

Why I am here?

Nothing to anticipate

Nothing to regret

Nothing to complain

I come from the sky I go to the sky

I come from earth I go to earth

I speak the Divine language

of love and compassion

I belong to this universe

there is no enemy or friend

There is only our deluded mind

That creates everything

Like a moon, playing hide and seek

With storms and dark clouds

My life plays hides and seeks

with obstacles, challenges, risk

I take risk

I accept challenges

I don’t have to participate in any race

To win

I don’t have to pass any exams

To certify myself

I am already a winner

The things began will definitely end

what is born will eventually die

Life ends like a flash of light

It withers like a blink of an eye

Nothing to begin

Nothing to end

Nothing to win

Nothing to lose



Riverside Love

Beloved come by the riverside in the evening

I want to feel your warm breathing

Let us escape crowd and hide

Making love by the riverside

My head resting on your shoulder right

Cool bridge passing by the riverside

Beloved come before the moonlight

Your presence makes me delight

Beloved hold me tight in your arms

I want you and all your charms

Only you, I, and love by the riverside

It is  a nice place to relax by

Beloved make me one bound with love

Caress me gently like the wind does

Feeling the warmth of our body and kiss

Let us experience ecstasy and bliss

Two hearts melting together

The silence of love makes us one forever

Beloved let us make the riverside love unforgettable

Memorable and eternal



Sound of Silence

My entry

Breaks your silence

My eyes

Attracts you

With the feelings unchanged

I knock on your inner door

You let me in

We laugh

We cry

We love

We touch

We live in ecstasy


amuse me with your touch

not with your hands

kissed me with tenderness

Not with your lips

with your love

You keep me alive

We shape and idol

We get drunk in love

We play in love

We raise hope in love

We make castles in love

Idol melt

Love spill

Love Panic

Love fade

Castle blew away

I cried

A silent night

Silent tears

A silent moment

A silent ray of hope

Darkness engulfs

Flower wither

Love disappears

Heart melt

Love unveil

I am in search


My spirit

My love

My soul

My Existence

Do not beg

Do not open your heart

Do not keep wondering

Do not seek


It is

Time for silence

Time to observe

Time to worship

Time to pray


Listen to

Sound of Silence

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Victory over the Darkness

Your togetherness, your warmth

Blissful moment

Your love, your hug


Your kiss, your cuddle


Your tender touch


I want it all

To conquer

The Darkness

I want your

presence, your  silent breath


endless waves of the ocean

I want to taste your essence

Bathe in your love

Feel you, caress you


swim in

ocean of love

Let me go deep


Light my spirit


Transcends myself

To get victory

Over the Darkness

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Love Whispers

My love comes to me
whispers in my ear
dear why are you crying?
I am here
he embrace me, caress me
keep me in his lap
whispers in my ear
dear why are you so sad ?
I am here
he cuddle me, huddle me
gently fondle me
whispers in my ear
dear why you look so depress
I am here
he hug me, kiss me
tenderly embrace me
whispers in my ear
dear why are you so sad ?
I am here


If I die

If I die
Do not shed your fake tears
Let me rest in serene
Be pure and calm
If I die
Don’t weep to call my name
Let me reside in peace
Be Lost in tranquility
If I die
Don’t stand on my grave and mourn
Let me be free
Hover like a cloud
If I die
Don’t wake me from my slumber
Let me rest in peace
Let me enter the new world
Where I can sleep forever and ever

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Little Bird’s grief

I am a little bird
Searching for the nest
I fly up and I fly down
I find food on my own

I fly night and day
Wiping all my tears away
My warm nest made of hay
This was wickedly blown away

Where do I go
To search my nest
I am tired
I need rest

There is no joy
Coz my nest was destroy
Can you see my grief?
And make me relief

Can you see my woo?
Help me in finding a nest too
Can you see a falling tear?
I don’t know whom to share

Can you sit and hear
Wipe a little bird tear
Hear the small bird’s grief
That I share in brief

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“Shhh don’t disturb me tonight “

Let me drink your love
and be drunk tonight
and blossom
like spring flowers
Let me pamper
With the love, you pour in
and be colorful
like rainbow
Neither I need wine or champagne
let me drink your love
and be drunk tonight
Let me bath
In a shower of your love
and be content
Just like a child
in the warm lap of his mother
let me kiss you tonight
like a raindrops
let me wrap you around me
and be drunk
Let me be blind
in your love
Let me
be with you forever
you are my other half
that makes me full
Let’s be together
till the universe dissolves


In search of my soul

Oh soul
I invite you
To enter my mind
To enter my body
I am in pain
Oh soul
I invite you
To ease my pain
To strengthen
To encourage
To inspire me
Oh soul
I invite you
To wipe my tears
To overcome my fears
Where are you?
I walk day and night
In search of my soul
But alas!
You were lost
Now I am tired
Searching you
Oh soul
and make me alive