Colors of Life like colors of rainbow

Eye on every activity that catch my mind and touches my heart


The Divine Sun

Three things cannot be long hidden. The sun, the moon, and the truth. Buddha  SAM_7969Every morning, when I wake up the first thing I do, is thank god for keeping me alive to experience another beautiful day. After that, I slowly pull my curtains to see the sunrise.  I watch how peacefully, steadily, warmly, and in a beautiful color, the sun comes up.  I learn a lot from the sun and moon. They are my teachers, my guru. Have you ever imagined if there is no sun for a single day or a single moment? . What will happen? .   Neither we survive nor a single creature.





The everyday sun rises with the same pace, pride, and dignity.  Sometimes black clouds hover in the sky but sunrise is. Sometimes the harsh wind blows till sunrise. It appears in its own schedule smiling and giving its light to the world. Though there are many ups and down, suffering, struggles in life we need to accept them and move on happily. Every day cannot be joyful but we need to smile and move ahead like a sun.




I am in Dubai these days. I feel lucky that I can see the sunrise from my building. I am staying in a rented flat and this building is 45 stories. I live on the 15th floor from where every morning I greet the sun or vice versa. Watching the sunrise melts my heart and tears in my eyes. Tears of joy. It makes me feel darkness is over. Sun makes me realize the impermanence. Every day with the rising sun my life is shortening.  Parents, children, husband, money, house, car, etc won’t last forever. Everything is impermanence.  So I need not waste a single time practicing Dharma.




Just a single sun can give so much to this world . Why can’t we human be like a sun ? Why can’t we love each other unconditionally?  Why can’t we transcend the borders between traditions, between religions, ideologies and systems to come together as one ?



Here is my all-time favorite song by Noora  Jones. Sunrise, Looks like the morning in your eyes…



I am awakened one

Thoughts in my mind are

momentarily and has no reality

like bubbles in the water

it arises and vanishes

When my mind  is attracted  to sensual pleasure

I am bound

When there is no attraction

I am free  as

a leaf tumbling  in the wind

There is nothing to desire

There is nothing to cling to,  nothing to hold

When I desire

It  binds me

When I destroy it

I am free and happy

like a caged  bird freed forever

Everything else is an illusion

I am neither body nor mind

There is only one truth I

There is only one world I

When I realize this

I am free from all duality

my body and mind game is over

A  musk deer

roam in the  forest day and night

in search of perfume

which resides in himself

like a musk deer

I roam for years

in search of Buddha, awaken one

when  I realize  the truth that

I  myself am awakened being

All delusion   melt like a dream

I am a limitless being

with infinite beauty

Flawless and full

Beyond the world

I never die

I never born

Yes I am

Awaken one

I am Buddha

 Buddha giving teaching to his disciples, Picture taken at Kopan Monastery

Buddha giving teaching to his disciples, Picture was taken at Kopan Monastery

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The Natural State

Just fine the place where you already are

Feeling To Infinity

The natural state
is no special achievement.

Just find the place
where you already are.

You won’t have to look too far!

That place reaches everywhere,
even beyond birth and death!

Fish swim in water,
birds fly through the air.

Why complicate?
Just live.

Life itself is enough,
if one has the heart for it.

Tonight I swing naked
in the shine of the moon.

My heart is racing
like a hummingbird’s.

My hands are wrapped
like a happy monkey’s paws
around a pliant branch of pine.

My feet sway wildly back and forth
above the ebony lake below, waiting
for just the right moment, then —

that thrilling shout when I let go!

swing 2

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Let me be myself


Let me shine
like the sun
let me rise
like a bird
let me live as I want
be myself

Let me be calm
like the river
let me swim
to reach the shore
Let me be free
to act and think
let me
rule my world
let me
be myself

Let me cry
like a child
let me smile
like the spring
let me be limitless
like the sky
let me
be myself

Let me be overweight
let me be ugly
don’t judge me
by my body or complexion
don’t question my beauty
accept me as I am
let me
be myself

Let me stand
tall like a tree
let me fall
free like a leaf
let me blossom
like a flower
let me
be myself



A Brief History of the Dream

The Conscious Process

tiny grass is dreaming

Our true and original nature is the Supreme Source of the universe and all of its infinite energetic manifestations. Everything we see and experience, including the body and its conditions, is a projection of that Source energy as radiant holographic light, which assumes the forms of you and me and everything. There is no “external” reality separate from our own activity as Source, nothing appearing outside of us — no “objective world” — that is not a figment of our own dreamy Source energy projections.

As shards of Source energy, we “co-create” the illusion called “the universe”, along with its dazzling variety of props and experiences, tests and challenges, loves and losses, victories and defeats. The Hindus use the term “lila” for this immense display, commonly translated as “creative divine play”. In any case, it is all a truly awesome mirage, birthed in an act of indescribable love. Though far…

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Blissful days at Kopan Monastery

I want to dedicate this article to Late Rinpoche Nawang Kochha who died nearly two years ago due to cancer.  See I am on your path…the path of Dharma

With late Rinpochhe Nawang Kochha

With late Rinpochhe Nawang Kochha

This day is a special day, 
It is yours. 
Yesterday slipped away 
It cannot be filled with more meaning. 
About tomorrow nothing is known. 
But this day, today is yours. 
Make use of it. 
Today you can make someone happy. 
Today you can help another. 
This day is a special day, 
It is yours. 

Indian Poem from Lam Rim Book

 Kopan Monastery is a paradise with a beautiful garden, greenery, and a spectacular view of Kathmandu valley.  We can see incredible views from any angle of the monastery.

view from Kopan

view from Kopan



The peaceful garden with beautiful flowers and splendid stupas adds more serenity.  There is a small hill nearby the garden from where you can see sunrise and sunset too. Likewise, you can begin your day with yoga with fresh air and birds chirping around.  We all are there to stay focused and concentrated so using mobile phones, and laptops and playing music are prohibited. They believe that it will disturb our practice.


stupa in garden

stupa in garden

water flow

serene water flow

I recently joined the 10 days (April 19-19) Buddhist beginners course.  Altogether there are 115 participants from all over the world. I am the only one from Nepal a Hindu woman searching for the meaning of my existence on this earth.  I love Buddhist philosophy, practices, and prayers.

better to refrain these things every day in our life

better to refrain from these things every day in our life

On April 19 our check-in time was till 4pm. At 5pm we gather for an introduction and short meditation.  Ani Caron, a nun from Sweden welcomed us. She is an amazing nun with a soft-spoken voice, charming face, and caring too.

Aani Caron, best teacher I have ever met

Aani Caron, the best teacher I have ever met

The next day I woke up at 5a.m. before the wake-up bell, which used to ring at 5:45am during the course.  I did yoga for 45minutes and go for tea at 6am. We had breakfast at 7:30am. After that meditation was guided by a lovely monk and teaching till 11.30am followed by lunch at 11:45am.  Every day our class starts with three prostrations before teaching starts. Prostration is done to decrease false pride and the sense of ego and it is not a compulsion at all.  While sitting inside the monastery we need to sit upright, facing the teacher, and not lean. We can change posture during class and stretch the legs but it still had to be done very mindfully. The legs could not be stretched over the dharma books and the soles of the feet could not be pointed toward the altar, the teacher, or the Buddha.

inside monastery

inside monastery

deity inside monastery

deity inside monastery

After lunch, we sit for discussion divided into different groups.  The discussion mostly focused on the teaching we had in the morning on that particular day.  From 3pm-5pm, we had teachings on Buddhism which focused on different topics like ego, attachment, suffering, etc.  Ghese Sherub charming face, sense of humor, and remarkable teaching charmed everybody. At 5pm we had a tea break, a 7:45 dinner, and meditation till 8:45. We need to maintain silence all day and night.  The vegetarian food at the monastery is awesome. The most fun thing to do is dishwashing after meal.

dining hall

dining hall

The retreat building is well-built with a clean room.  Early morning our days started with the monks chanting. There are nearly 400 monks aged 5 to oldies. They chant, recite mantras, debate, perform pujas with playing drums, etc.  The debate is the most amazing act in which they used to debate for an hour with shouting and different mudras.

retreat building

retreat building

Green Tara

Green Tara



Buddhist teaching is worth listening to. It is more useful in our day-to-day life. Compassion, suffering life, death, rebirth,  disturbing emotions, emptiness, ego, attachment, and liberation. Nonvirtuous of body, stealing, sexual misconduct, and lying and non-virtues of speech, lying, divisive speech, harsh speech, and idle gossip are what it teaches mostly focused on. It explains the teachings of Buddha and Samsara.

Avaloketshvara, Compassion Buddha

Avaloketshvara, Compassion Buddha





On the 6th day, puja was held at gompa. It lasts for 2hours with heart-soothing mantras and chartings. I must say Ghese Sherb voice is unbelievable. He chants mantras and sings in an incredible way. The chanting was so heart-touching that I burst into tears.

monks doing prayers

monks doing prayers

8 and 9th days are completely noble silent for 48hours not even looking at each other. We did a meditation walk, which was calming and new experience for me.  On the 9th day, we had a light offering ceremony. We offer light in complete silence remembering all sentient beings. I love noble silence, which helps you in knowing your inner self.

light offering

light offering

walk meditation

walk meditation

water flow

deities bath in water flow

crowded kathmandu

Kathmandu covered with dust

little Buddha

seven steps Buddha walked after his birth

Our silent ends after taking breakfast on the 10th day.  Everybody start to chatter since it was the last day.

Nuns after puja

Lesson learned:

To live a virtuous life

 Generate compassion toward all sentient beings

 Abide in equanimity

Stay free from hatred and attachment,

Generate Bodhichitta,

Try to overcome your ego and seek liberation,

 Create good karma for the next rebirth and much more.

It’s not a matter of religion whether to be Hindu, Christian, or Muslim. It teaches us how to become good human beings and benefits all sentient beings.  My spiritual journey continues. I need to find the answer to my existence and there is a long way to go.


Nature’s Path to Inner Peace

 In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous.  Aristotle

Bhimdhunga is a few kilometers away from Kathmandu. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu visit this place once.  Last Saturday on the 9th of March I visited this place to embrace nature.   I was so stunned to see such a beautiful place nearby KTM. 


Nature is the best erudite master to teach us the fundamental laws of nature and the basics of living in life.


Nature is beautiful, and you are in her bosom you will forget everything. 


Powerless to leave her and powerless to enter her more deeply. 


She dance and dances on until we fall exhausted in her arms. 


 She brings forth ever-new forms: what is there never was; what was, never will return. 


We live within her. 


She is an open book the more you read the more you learn.


She is the answer you are looking for. At the same time, she is the best to question too. 


Her path is endless.


She gives you the best of the best yet she didn’t ask for anything in return. 


Oh!  mother nature you are simply unbelievable 


Why not try this Nepali-style restaurant?




Bar  🙂


View from the restaurant balcony


  village on the way. 


My photoshoot


Your duty is to be and not to be this or that. ‘I am that I sum up the whole truth. The method is summed up in the words ‘Be still. What does stillness mean? It means destroy yourself. Because any form or shape is the cause for trouble. Give up the notion that ‘I am so and so’. All that is required to realize the Self is to be still. What can be easier than that?”  – Ramana Maharshi


Visit Osho Tapoban for spiritual growth


Osho was born in Kuchwada, Madya Prades, India on December 11, 1931. From his earliest childhood, he was a rebellious and independent spirit, insisting on experiencing the truth for himself rather than acquiring the knowledge and beliefs given by others.  He attained enlightenment at the age of 21. Osho is also known as Acharya Rajneesh.During Osho’s  visit in Nepal he directed Swami Anand Arun, an intimate disciple of Osho  to build a commune.  Swami Arun established Osho Tapoban  . In sanskrit Taboban means place of Sadhana (meditation) established in the foothills of Nagarjuna forest, where Buddhist saint Nagarjuna had mediated and attained ultimate enlightenment.  Tapoban is an international commune and forest retreat center where one can get inner peace and explore you in a meditative environment.

Osho's Statue in TApoban garden Photo source: Tapoban Gallery

Osho’s Statue in Tapoban garden
Photo source: Tapoban Gallery
























Swami Anand Arun with Iranian Musician Photo Source: Tapoban Gallery

Swami Anand Arun with Iranian Musician
Photo Source: Tapoban Gallery











Osho Tapoban lies in the western side of Kathmandu.  It is about twelve kilometers from Tribhuwan International Airport, about 10 kilometers from Kathmandu city center and six kilometers from Balaju NewBus Park.  It is one of my best spiritual place. I have been visiting these places for the past years. To escape from hustle and bustle of Kathmandu Osho Tapoban is the best place to visit. This place has been breathing space for renowned celebrities also.    I was so happy to see popular actress Manisha Koirala  at Tapoban few years back. This  proves everyone is looking for inner peace. 













panoramic view on the way to Tapoban











Actress Manisha Koirala in black Shawal

Actress Manisha Koirala in black Shawal











Beautifully designed in a form of Shiva Linga  is a meditation hall.  It accommodates 200 people for meditation and 500 for discourses.

Photo Source: Tapoban Gallery

Photo Source: Tapoban Gallery












Photo Source: Tapoban Gallery

Photo Source: Tapoban Gallery











Photo Source: Tapoban Gallery

Photo Source: Tapoban Gallery











Osho Samadhi : Osho Samadhi  is the place where the holy remains of Osho are buried. This is one of the reason it is attracting more visitors and Osho lovers from Nepal and abroad.

Photo Source: Tapoban Gallery

Photo Source: Tapoban Gallery











Statues of Buddha, Lord Ganesh, Lord Shiva etc leaves remarkable impression of the respective deities.













Lord Shiva












Flora and fauna : variety of flowers, native , trees and wild life. This place is popular among the bird watchers and nature lovers.  Waterfall and Springs are beautiful treasure of Tapoban.












Shivapuri baba silence temple :   This place is available for silent sitting meditations. Shivapuri Baba is a  Hindu saint and a traveler hermit who taught the world swadharma, the ancient system of living






















Osho Tapoban is the place for inner exploration,  the place where one can get inner peace, explore yourself in a meditative environment . 


















After roaming around the Tapoban if you are hungry you can get delicious vegetarian food in the restaurant.  Smoking and alcohol are prohibited.  Once you try the food, there is no doubt you will have a lasting impression on your mind.














A little glimpse of paradise-Patalaeban Vineyard Resort

Pataleban Vineyard resort  16km North of Kathmandu at an attitude of 1600 m above the sea level.   It lies in North west of Chisapani village, Baadbhanjyan VDC 5, Kathmandu Nepal. It is named as “ Patalaeban” because is surrounded by community forest known as Pataleban. Similarly, it is the main attraction for grape farming of different varieties.  We can see the Himalayan range of Langtang, Ganesh, Manaslu, Annapurna and the valley of  Dhading.  But due to gloomy weather I am unable to take the pictures of majestic mountain range. Here are some pictures I want to share.










village on the way to Paalaeban Vineyard Resort


gazing at the vineyard and beautiful scenary


Resort main bulding


garden area


beautiful tree




perfect place for forest walk and bath


clouds hovering in the sky


resort building


can’t stop myself 🙂