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Thrilling adventure Desert Safari

I don’t see the desert as barren at all; I see it as full and ripe. It doesn’t need to be flattered with rain. It certainly needs rain, but it does with what it has, and creates amazing beauty. Joy Harjo 

Adventure is my passion.  I love trying different kind of adventure.  Desert Safari is a real adventure to experience with sand dunes. Just imagine you are bashing, turning, twisting and cruising  in a four-wheeler vehicles in the sand dunes.  isn’t it amazing ? . This adventure was more thrilling for me because I experience while I am sick.  The saddest thing is after desert safari I could not take single pictures due to exhaustion and headache.  No doubt  I am happy  experiencing desert safari.

Sand dunes

Sand dunes

Dubai is the most developed city of United Arab Emirates ( UAE). If you are visiting  Dubai and you do not experience the adventure of Desert Safari than you missed the most exciting part of your visit. I experience  desert safari with my friend Laurie.  Though I was sick I join Laurie because she has come all the way from USA to visit me.  There are many agencies who will arrange you the thrill of desert safari.  On September 24th at around 5pm our exciting journey started.  We boarded four-wheeler land cruiser.  Before starting a young driver let off some pressure from the wheel of the vehicle   so as to have proper grip of the sand while undertaking the desert ride.

Photo Credit : Google

Photo Credit : Google

We fasten our seat belts and we are ready for the thrilling desert safari. The driver shows his skill by turning, twisting , bashing  the vehicle in the sand dunes.  Desert Safari is  a dune bashing.  We shouted, screamed in  excitement as vehicle went up and down, sideways. We could see sand dunes like a big waves passing by. The excitement is difficult to put in words.

video credit : Laurie Lange

After nearly an hours of  thrilling dune bashing, we went to the desert t camp. It is a camp with  low wooden tables kept around and low cushions known as majlis to sit on.  As soon as we enter a camp we can hear a  disc jockey playing melodious Arabic music. Outside the camp, we can experience  camel ride and or the four-wheeler motor bike ride .  Other than this there is availability of traditional costumes photography, Shisha or water pipes for smokers. . There are souvenir shops and a henna mahendi tattoo for decorating hands and feet for those who had an interest .  After experiencing all this the cultural program begin. A male and female dancers presented traditional Arabian dance and  belly dance.    Fire dance was another attraction of the program.

Camel Ride

Camel Ride

Shisha smoking

Shisha smoking

Henna Tatoo Photo Credit : Google

Henna Tatoo
Photo Credit : Google

Shisha smoking Photo credit : Google

Shisha smoking
Photo credit : Google

At 7pm we had our  buffet dinner which includes  vegetarian and non-vegetarians food.  Prior to the buffet dinner we had cold drinks, stuffed roti, pasta and fried potatoes. At around 8pm the program ended.  Though I was sick it was a good opportunity for me  to know the different cultural aspect of the desert life.   I have never imagined desert can be so much fun. An evening drive through the golden sand dunes with the sunset is one of the most desirable and preferable  adventure in Dubai. It was a life time experience that everyone should enjoy visiting Dubai.

my friend Laurie, me sitting quietly as I am tired and exhausted

friend Laurie, me sitting quietly as I was tired and exhausted





The Divine Sun

Three things cannot be long hidden. The sun, the moon, and the truth. Buddha  SAM_7969Every morning, when I wake up the first thing I do, is thank god for keeping me alive to experience another beautiful day. After that, I slowly pull my curtains to see the sunrise.  I watch how peacefully, steadily, warmly, and in a beautiful color, the sun comes up.  I learn a lot from the sun and moon. They are my teachers, my guru. Have you ever imagined if there is no sun for a single day or a single moment? . What will happen? .   Neither we survive nor a single creature.





The everyday sun rises with the same pace, pride, and dignity.  Sometimes black clouds hover in the sky but sunrise is. Sometimes the harsh wind blows till sunrise. It appears in its own schedule smiling and giving its light to the world. Though there are many ups and down, suffering, struggles in life we need to accept them and move on happily. Every day cannot be joyful but we need to smile and move ahead like a sun.




I am in Dubai these days. I feel lucky that I can see the sunrise from my building. I am staying in a rented flat and this building is 45 stories. I live on the 15th floor from where every morning I greet the sun or vice versa. Watching the sunrise melts my heart and tears in my eyes. Tears of joy. It makes me feel darkness is over. Sun makes me realize the impermanence. Every day with the rising sun my life is shortening.  Parents, children, husband, money, house, car, etc won’t last forever. Everything is impermanence.  So I need not waste a single time practicing Dharma.




Just a single sun can give so much to this world . Why can’t we human be like a sun ? Why can’t we love each other unconditionally?  Why can’t we transcend the borders between traditions, between religions, ideologies and systems to come together as one ?



Here is my all-time favorite song by Noora  Jones. Sunrise, Looks like the morning in your eyes…


I am awakened one

Thoughts in my mind are

momentarily and has no reality

like bubbles in the water

it arises and vanishes

When my mind  is attracted  to sensual pleasure

I am bound

When there is no attraction

I am free  as

a leaf tumbling  in the wind

There is nothing to desire

There is nothing to cling to,  nothing to hold

When I desire

It  binds me

When I destroy it

I am free and happy

like a caged  bird freed forever

Everything else is an illusion

I am neither body nor mind

There is only one truth I

There is only one world I

When I realize this

I am free from all duality

my body and mind game is over

A  musk deer

roam in the  forest day and night

in search of perfume

which resides in himself

like a musk deer

I roam for years

in search of Buddha, awaken one

when  I realize  the truth that

I  myself am awakened being

All delusion   melt like a dream

I am a limitless being

with infinite beauty

Flawless and full

Beyond the world

I never die

I never born

Yes I am

Awaken one

I am Buddha

 Buddha giving teaching to his disciples, Picture taken at Kopan Monastery

Buddha giving teaching to his disciples, Picture was taken at Kopan Monastery

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The Natural State

Just fine the place where you already are

Feeling To Infinity

The natural state
is no special achievement.

Just find the place
where you already are.

You won’t have to look too far!

That place reaches everywhere,
even beyond birth and death!

Fish swim in water,
birds fly through the air.

Why complicate?
Just live.

Life itself is enough,
if one has the heart for it.

Tonight I swing naked
in the shine of the moon.

My heart is racing
like a hummingbird’s.

My hands are wrapped
like a happy monkey’s paws
around a pliant branch of pine.

My feet sway wildly back and forth
above the ebony lake below, waiting
for just the right moment, then —

that thrilling shout when I let go!

swing 2

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Nothing to win, nothing to lose

Agony, delight, tears, grief

Success, failure, fear, bliss

Nothing exists as such

Our deluded mind

Creates it all

Negative thoughts in my mind

are like the  waves in the ocean

it comes and goes

without disturbing my mind

Like the serene lake

I stay calm and clear

Nothing disturbs me

Not any pain kills me

I abandon darkness

and cherish light

I have been always grateful

To the sky, water, fire, and air

They are my teacher

I don’t need any Ph.D. degrees

To prove my knowledge

To show my wisdom

A beautiful lotus

can grow from a pile of discarded waste

A scented rose

can bloom with so many thorns

A   flute

can play magical melodies with many holes

I am the scented lotus, bloomed rose

and the flute

Every problem is a gift to me

It helps me to grow

It helps me to   know

Who I am

Why I am here?

Nothing to anticipate

Nothing to regret

Nothing to complain

I come from the sky I go to the sky

I come from earth I go to earth

I speak the Divine language

of love and compassion

I belong to this universe

there is no enemy or friend

There is only our deluded mind

That creates everything

Like a moon, playing hide and seek

With storms and dark clouds

My life plays hides and seeks

with obstacles, challenges, risk

I take risk

I accept challenges

I don’t have to participate in any race

To win

I don’t have to pass any exams

To certify myself

I am already a winner

The things began will definitely end

what is born will eventually die

Life ends like a flash of light

It withers like a blink of an eye

Nothing to begin

Nothing to end

Nothing to win

Nothing to lose


Riverside Love

Beloved come by the riverside in the evening

I want to feel your warm breathing

Let us escape crowd and hide

Making love by the riverside

My head resting on your shoulder right

Cool bridge passing by the riverside

Beloved come before the moonlight

Your presence makes me delight

Beloved hold me tight in your arms

I want you and all your charms

Only you, I, and love by the riverside

It is  a nice place to relax by

Beloved make me one bound with love

Caress me gently like the wind does

Feeling the warmth of our body and kiss

Let us experience ecstasy and bliss

Two hearts melting together

The silence of love makes us one forever

Beloved let us make the riverside love unforgettable

Memorable and eternal



Let me be myself


Let me shine
like the sun
let me rise
like a bird
let me live as I want
be myself

Let me be calm
like the river
let me swim
to reach the shore
Let me be free
to act and think
let me
rule my world
let me
be myself

Let me cry
like a child
let me smile
like the spring
let me be limitless
like the sky
let me
be myself

Let me be overweight
let me be ugly
don’t judge me
by my body or complexion
don’t question my beauty
accept me as I am
let me
be myself

Let me stand
tall like a tree
let me fall
free like a leaf
let me blossom
like a flower
let me
be myself



Miracle Miracle everywhere

What else can be miracle than to see more than 45 million blooming flowers in stunning designs, awesome shapes and structures ? . Another miracle is too see the garden in the middle of desert. Miracle Garden is located in the North West Quadrant of Arabian Ranches interchange along Shiekh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road within Dubai Land Development Project. You can take a cab from mall of the Emirates. It is open daily from 9am until 9pm on weekdays, 9am until 11pm on weekends ( Friday and Saturday) . Entrance fee for adult is 30AED. Disabled person, child of 3yr old and below are free. This garden is expanded in an area of 72,000 sq.m with 4km pathways, 1km flower wall and more than 45 million flowers.

entrance gate to the miracle garden

entrance gate to the miracle garden



man made lake at the side of beautiful statue of women covered with flowers

beautiful statue of women covered with flowers

umbrella garden

umbrella garden

flower river

colorful flowers

Once I enter the garden I was astounded for a minute and stopped at the entrance gazing the beauty of flowers. I can’t believe it. I didn’t know where to start to look the garden. Finally I take a deep breath and start to explore the garden. The landscapes designs are not only unique but also incredible. Every nook of the garden is eye catching. Man made lake gives life to the garden .

man made lake

man made lake

lovely flowers

lovely flowers


posing for picture

posing for picture

The most attractions of the garden are a huge floral clock around 13 meters in diameter, made out of real plants and flowers with changeable design for every season (twice a year). Likewise Flower Huts, Flower Castle with stunning design, Flower falls, Umbrella Pathway, Flowers Tents, Flowers Fall area, Lake and Fountain, Burj Khalifa of 18 meters height built with flowers, peacock with a very a very large tail are stunning to see.

different shapes houses

different shapes houses



tents with stunning designs

tents with stunning designs

nice design

nice design

flower hosue

flower house

amazing designs

amazing designs

Miracle Garden holds the record in Guinness Book of Records for having the longest wall of flowers. It is an unique display and extravagant outdoor recreational destination for the all the people. This garden was divided into two phage for development. Completed first phase includes state of the art services and facilities including open parking, VIP parking, sitting areas, prayer room, toilet blocks, ablution facility, security room, first aid room, carts for handicapped visitors, retails and commercial kiosk and all other related services available to facilitate visitors. Likewise new attraction for phase II are the Butterfly Garden, souvenir Shop (for buying memorable gifts to make your visit memorable), Aromatic Plants Garden,

flower huts

flower huts

flower clock

flower clock

awesome designs

awesome designs

lovely peacock looks as real peacock

lovely peacock looks as real peacock

more flowers

more flowers

whose house is this ?

whose house is this ?

flower in different landscape

flower in different landscape

Edible Plants Garden, Flowers Valleys made with different stunning designs etc.
It is one of the most memorable visits of my lifetime. It refreshes and reenergizes me. Your visit won’t be memorable if you don’t visit this garden if you have planned to visit Dubai.


Deathbed Notes

At the time of

my last breath

I realize

Birth and death are like

performance of play

Lifetime is like a flash of light

passing by swiftly

as a waterfall down a cliff

 All my life

My ignorant mind

keep believing

I am beautiful

I am powerful

I am immortal

Pride, hatred, and jealousy

ego, desire, and misery

block my mind

like cloud block the sunshine


I believe

there is no sunshine

though sunshine is there


All my life

I give a damn

to the sick, poor and destitute

never heal their wounds

never look after them

My obscure mind

love my body wholeheartedly

I keep massaging tenderly


this will last forever



myself as beautiful


my tender skin

turned to thousands of lines

none of the cream

hide my wrinkle

none of the massage oil

make my body strong

All my life

Due to

The Darkness of ignorance

I believe

my friends, parents, relatives

will be with me forever


time has come

I have to leave

my possessions, family, and friends

they won’t follow me anymore


my Karma follows me


All my life

I forgot to rejoice in the true nature

the self-knowing wisdom

Never understand

the source of all phenomena of

Samsara and Nirvana

is the nature of mind-void, luminous

all-encompassing, vast as the sky


I spent my life in Samsara

doing meaningless activities

Never believe

death chases me

from the time of my birth


All my life

I forgot equanimity

Hate enemy


In the end

We are on the same deathbed

writing death notes


I am begging for death

To extend my life


Death is dumb

won’t hear crying

Death is blind

won’t see begging

I cannot use my power

I can’t bribe death

I cannot escape from death


I surrender myself

like little mouse surrender

in the swamp

Realizing the truth

I cannot die

in ease and prosperity

I have to come again to Samsara

wander from life to life

with no particular direction or purpose

Like a bee flying

round and round inside a jar


Kora;Path towards enlightenment

Kora is a path on which we walk around sacred object or place. Kora means circle in Tibetan and circumbulation in English. It is a path to purify our negative karma. Likewise we can get physical, mental and spiritual benefits. Tibetan circumbulate in a clockwise direction while Bon practitioner walk anti clockwise. When Master Atisha arrived in Tibet, Dromtonpa and his other disciples asked him, “Why do you attach such great importance to circumambulating Stupas in contrast with all other virtuous acts?” Master Atisha told them, “Among all relatively virtuous acts, there is none that brings about more merits than circumambulating Stupas, because it is the amassment of good karma of the body, the mind and the soul.

Lamas doing Kora in Bouddhanath

Lamas doing Kora in Boudhanath Stupa

People enjoying Kora in Boudhanath Stupa

People enjoying Kora in Boudhanath Stupa

Circumambulating is a very powerful practice, and the very root of the practice is to circumambulate with strong devotion, and with an undistracted mind. Since we need to accumulate extensive merit in order to generate realizations and achieve enlightenment quickly, we should attempt to circumambulate as perfectly as possible. Circumambulations should be done with body, speech and mind. If your mind is distracted and you are gossiping while you are circumambulating, there is no great benefit. Mental circumambulation involves generating devotion by thinking again and again of the qualities of the object you are circumambulating, of the qualities of  the Guru-Buddha. Speech circumambulation involves reciting mantras and praises over and over again. While reciting mantras we can use prayers beads, prayers wheels but it is not compulsion. With body and speech the most  important one is the mental circumambulation i, e having devotion in the mind. Do not think small virtuous things are not worth your attention. Even small drops of water can accumulate and fill a big vessel. Virtue needs to be accumulated little by little; it is impossible to instantly gain all provisions required for becoming Buddha. Sutra of Wisdom and Foolishness (Damamukl Nidana Sutra)

Kora again

More people doing Kora

myself doing Kora

myself doing Kora

Most of the time while circumambulating I meditate on emptiness. As with walking meditation it helps in practicing awareness of dependent arising. I question myself self, “What am I doing?—I am circumambulating. Why am I circumambulating?. Except for the fact that the body is circumambulating, there is no reason at all that I am circumambulating. It is very good to apply this reasoning. When I do this, there is suddenly some change in the concrete, independent I. Suddenly it is not so solid, not so real. It is not that the I does not exist, but there is a big change in my perception of it. In the heart there is a feeling of I, but this I is not real in the sense of being independent and existent from its own side. Others people might have different feeling. Finally, at the end of Kora I dedicate all the merit for long life of gurus and benefit of all sentient beings.

lightening butter lamp for the benefit of sentient beings

lightening butter lamp for the benefit of sentient beings

May all my actions be virtuous actions. May all my actions become cause for happiness and enlightenment. May all my actions bring happiness to all sentient beings. May all my actions bring enlightenment to all sentient beings.