Colors of Life like colors of rainbow

Eye on every activity that catch my mind and touches my heart

I am awakened one


Thoughts in my mind are

momentarily and has no reality

like bubbles in the water

it arises and vanishes

When my mind  is attracted  to sensual pleasure

I am bound

When there is no attraction

I am free  as

a leaf tumbling  in the wind

There is nothing to desire

There is nothing to cling to,  nothing to hold

When I desire

It  binds me

When I destroy it

I am free and happy

like a caged  bird freed forever

Everything else is an illusion

I am neither body nor mind

There is only one truth I

There is only one world I

When I realize this

I am free from all duality

my body and mind game is over

A  musk deer

roam in the  forest day and night

in search of perfume

which resides in himself

like a musk deer

I roam for years

in search of Buddha, awaken one

when  I realize  the truth that

I  myself am awakened being

All delusion   melt like a dream

I am a limitless being

with infinite beauty

Flawless and full

Beyond the world

I never die

I never born

Yes I am

Awaken one

I am Buddha

 Buddha giving teaching to his disciples, Picture taken at Kopan Monastery

Buddha giving teaching to his disciples, Picture was taken at Kopan Monastery


6 thoughts on “I am awakened one

  1. A wonderful Song of Freedom, Thank you so much for this grace!

    Love & Blessings!

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  2. Wonderful expression of believe.Blessings. Jalal

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I agree, a wonderful poem and expressive thoughts. “I am free as

    a leaf tumbling in the wind,” I feel tat way too sometimes.


  4. Thank you Donna, sometimes it feels good to be free as leaf tumbling in the wind. 🙂


  5. thank you brother Bob and Michael Jalal for your lovely comments ..much love ..


  6. I like the search for the perfume. =)


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