Colors of Life like colors of rainbow

Eye on every activity that catch my mind and touches my heart

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The Natural State

Just fine the place where you already are

Feeling To Infinity

The natural state
is no special achievement.

Just find the place
where you already are.

You won’t have to look too far!

That place reaches everywhere,
even beyond birth and death!

Fish swim in water,
birds fly through the air.

Why complicate?
Just live.

Life itself is enough,
if one has the heart for it.

Tonight I swing naked
in the shine of the moon.

My heart is racing
like a hummingbird’s.

My hands are wrapped
like a happy monkey’s paws
around a pliant branch of pine.

My feet sway wildly back and forth
above the ebony lake below, waiting
for just the right moment, then —

that thrilling shout when I let go!

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Nothing to win, nothing to lose

Agony, delight, tears, grief

Success, failure, fear, bliss

Nothing exists as such

Our deluded mind

Creates it all

Negative thoughts in my mind

are like the  waves in the ocean

it comes and goes

without disturbing my mind

Like the serene lake

I stay calm and clear

Nothing disturbs me

Not any pain kills me

I abandon darkness

and cherish light

I have been always grateful

To the sky, water, fire, and air

They are my teacher

I don’t need any Ph.D. degrees

To prove my knowledge

To show my wisdom

A beautiful lotus

can grow from a pile of discarded waste

A scented rose

can bloom with so many thorns

A   flute

can play magical melodies with many holes

I am the scented lotus, bloomed rose

and the flute

Every problem is a gift to me

It helps me to grow

It helps me to   know

Who I am

Why I am here?

Nothing to anticipate

Nothing to regret

Nothing to complain

I come from the sky I go to the sky

I come from earth I go to earth

I speak the Divine language

of love and compassion

I belong to this universe

there is no enemy or friend

There is only our deluded mind

That creates everything

Like a moon, playing hide and seek

With storms and dark clouds

My life plays hides and seeks

with obstacles, challenges, risk

I take risk

I accept challenges

I don’t have to participate in any race

To win

I don’t have to pass any exams

To certify myself

I am already a winner

The things began will definitely end

what is born will eventually die

Life ends like a flash of light

It withers like a blink of an eye

Nothing to begin

Nothing to end

Nothing to win

Nothing to lose