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Kora;Path towards enlightenment


Kora is a path on which we walk around sacred object or place. Kora means circle in Tibetan and circumbulation in English. It is a path to purify our negative karma. Likewise we can get physical, mental and spiritual benefits. Tibetan circumbulate in a clockwise direction while Bon practitioner walk anti clockwise. When Master Atisha arrived in Tibet, Dromtonpa and his other disciples asked him, “Why do you attach such great importance to circumambulating Stupas in contrast with all other virtuous acts?” Master Atisha told them, “Among all relatively virtuous acts, there is none that brings about more merits than circumambulating Stupas, because it is the amassment of good karma of the body, the mind and the soul.

Lamas doing Kora in Bouddhanath

Lamas doing Kora in Boudhanath Stupa

People enjoying Kora in Boudhanath Stupa

People enjoying Kora in Boudhanath Stupa

Circumambulating is a very powerful practice, and the very root of the practice is to circumambulate with strong devotion, and with an undistracted mind. Since we need to accumulate extensive merit in order to generate realizations and achieve enlightenment quickly, we should attempt to circumambulate as perfectly as possible. Circumambulations should be done with body, speech and mind. If your mind is distracted and you are gossiping while you are circumambulating, there is no great benefit. Mental circumambulation involves generating devotion by thinking again and again of the qualities of the object you are circumambulating, of the qualities of  the Guru-Buddha. Speech circumambulation involves reciting mantras and praises over and over again. While reciting mantras we can use prayers beads, prayers wheels but it is not compulsion. With body and speech the most  important one is the mental circumambulation i, e having devotion in the mind. Do not think small virtuous things are not worth your attention. Even small drops of water can accumulate and fill a big vessel. Virtue needs to be accumulated little by little; it is impossible to instantly gain all provisions required for becoming Buddha. Sutra of Wisdom and Foolishness (Damamukl Nidana Sutra)

Kora again

More people doing Kora

myself doing Kora

myself doing Kora

Most of the time while circumambulating I meditate on emptiness. As with walking meditation it helps in practicing awareness of dependent arising. I question myself self, “What am I doing?—I am circumambulating. Why am I circumambulating?. Except for the fact that the body is circumambulating, there is no reason at all that I am circumambulating. It is very good to apply this reasoning. When I do this, there is suddenly some change in the concrete, independent I. Suddenly it is not so solid, not so real. It is not that the I does not exist, but there is a big change in my perception of it. In the heart there is a feeling of I, but this I is not real in the sense of being independent and existent from its own side. Others people might have different feeling. Finally, at the end of Kora I dedicate all the merit for long life of gurus and benefit of all sentient beings.

lightening butter lamp for the benefit of sentient beings

lightening butter lamp for the benefit of sentient beings

May all my actions be virtuous actions. May all my actions become cause for happiness and enlightenment. May all my actions bring happiness to all sentient beings. May all my actions bring enlightenment to all sentient beings.


8 thoughts on “Kora;Path towards enlightenment

  1. Thank you for your compassion for all sentient beings, Sister!



  2. you are welcome Brother Bob 🙂


  3. Your last paragraph really says it all. I wish to have all that as well.


  4. thanks Donna, our life is successful if we can at least give some happiness to others as well..


  5. My best wishes for a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! With love Maxima

    Merry Christams from maxima on Vimeo.


  6. I had been/done kora but seriously I didn’t know it is termed as kora, in hindu mythology its good to move around the temple usually three times or even one, it is said that it brings positive vibes in the body, i had done that. And while watching kora(now onwards i will use this term), in boudha and even in other places i had seen some of the people moving in anticlock wise and I didn’t know that Tibetan circle in a clockwise direction while Bon practitioner walk anti clockwise, i use to ask question to myself that why is he/she moving anticlockwise but we most of us are moving clockwise as I believed we should move in clockwise and now i new the actual fact. It was really great to see your blog 🙂


  7. thank you Kabiraj, I hope you won’t get confuse of Kora from now onwards

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  8. Thank you Maxima, Happy New Year 2015 to you too 🙂

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