Colors of Life like colors of rainbow

Eye on every activity that catch my mind and touches my heart

Sound of Silence


My entry

Breaks your silence

My eyes

Attracts you

With the feelings unchanged

I knock on your inner door

You let me in

We laugh

We cry

We love

We touch

We live in ecstasy


amuse me with your touch

not with your hands

kissed me with tenderness

Not with your lips

with your love

You keep me alive

We shape and idol

We get drunk in love

We play in love

We raise hope in love

We make castles in love

Idol melt

Love spill

Love Panic

Love fade

Castle blew away

I cried

A silent night

Silent tears

A silent moment

A silent ray of hope

Darkness engulfs

Flower wither

Love disappears

Heart melt

Love unveil

I am in search


My spirit

My love

My soul

My Existence

Do not beg

Do not open your heart

Do not keep wondering

Do not seek


It is

Time for silence

Time to observe

Time to worship

Time to pray


Listen to

Sound of Silence


12 thoughts on “Sound of Silence

  1. thank you brother Bob


  2. very lively and vibrant as is your blog. peace


  3. thank you very much 🙂


  4. Charming and provocative poem.Silence is the title of my published book.Silence a a great virtue.Best regards Alisha .


  5. Beautiful words! With love maxima


  6. Thank you Jalal Michael for your lovely words


  7. Thank you Maxima


  8. wow few words rearranged to form such a live flow, loved it a lot.. One of the best poem ever read. I actually don’t read much poems because the poet put so much hard words in poem that we are forced to search the structure of the poem then get the actual feeling but this poem is really great.


  9. thank you Kabiraj


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