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First phage of planting


My feeling was, you plant some seeds.  If they grow, great; if they don’t, you don’t take it personally. Not my problem; I just kept planting.  Just like a farmer.Hank Haney

Recently I experiment planting some seed  reusing  of rice sacks, tires, bottles, bucket  and container. To my surprise, they are growing well. Planting is like raising a child. They need food, water and care too. Most amazing thing is to see them growing day by day . Moreover, organic vegetables are best for your health.

I think this is the best way to make reuse of materials and keep environment clean specially in country like Nepal. This is just a beginning. I have planned to do it in a large-scale and I will be updating it in the near future. Here are some pictures I am sharing with you all.

Pumpkin growing in a rice sack

Pumpkin growing in a rice sack

Sponge Guard  growing in a rice sack

Sponge Guard growing in a rice sack

Chillies and Mint

Chilies and Mint




mint in curd cup

pumpkin again

pumpkin again

tomato in a bucket

tomato in a bucket


Colocassia Leaf

Colocassia Leaf





4 thoughts on “First phage of planting

  1. I had some old buckets that are not being used and I have planted some chilly plant just a week back hehehe . nice to see the blog related to the re use of the old materials.


  2. Rice sacks seem to be a very creative way to plant. I do like your re-use of materials. I wish more people thought as you do.


  3. thanks Kabiraj. I hope the chilly you planted are growing well. 🙂


  4. thank you Donna, this is just my first phage and I an excited too. In future I will plant more. 🙂


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