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Unplanned visit to Western Nepal continue…


Words have the power to both destroy and heal. When words are both true and kind, they can change our world. BUDDHA

An ancient hill town Tansen, 1350 meters above sea level, is the administrative headquarter of the Palpa district and lies in the Lumbini zone of west Nepal. Tansen is the best and nearest hill station in southwest Nepal. This hill station is famous for various kinds of handicrafts, textiles,s and organic coffee. Karuwa, a water jug made of bronze, a typical Nepali cap & shawl made of Dhaka textiles are legendary souvenirs from Tansen, Palpa.  This place is renowned for its mild climate.  Though there are many historical places and things to see due to limited time  I roamed for one hour only.

Batasae Dada also known as Windy Hills is one of the most beautiful places where mild wind keeps blowing every time.

"Batasae Dada"  means windy hills

“Batasae Dada” means windy hills

People use organic compost as fertilizer which is also good for vegetable farming. We can see these types of compost in most of the villages of Nepal. Organic compost is made up of cow manure and hay.

organic compost which is use as fertilizer

organic compost

view from Batasae dada

view from the windy hill

sunset view from windy hill

sunset  from the windy hill

beautiful forest

beautiful forest

A typical Nepali cap is also known as ” Nepali Dhaka Topi”  m Dhaka textile. Shawls, Nepali bags, west coats, etc are very good souvenirs for any visitors to take back their home.

Dhaka Shawl and cap

Dhaka Shawl and cap

Palpali DhakaTopi

Typical Nepali Cap



In the Vedic language ‘Sanskrit’, Lumbini means ‘The lovely’. It is a holy Buddhist pilgrimage situated in the Kapilvastu district of the western Terai region of Nepal. Lumbini is the birthplace of Buddha.  It is nearly 300 kilometers from Kathmandu and 190 kilometers south of Pokhara.  This place is listed as a world heritage site. There are many Buddhist Stupas and temples to see.  This place is full of peace.

The Myanmar Temple ( Lokamani Cula Pagoda )

Royal Thai Monastery

The Myanmar Temple

outside view of Royal Thai Monastery

Garden of Myanmar Temple


inside Myanmar temple

Buddha’s statue inside Royal Thai Monastery

The Myanmar Temple ( Lokamani Cula Pagoda ) is the most fascinating temple in Lumbini. It is a gleaming gold and white structure gracefully soaring into the sky in the Shwe-dagon in Yangon


The Myanmar Temple ( Lokamani Cula Pagoda)

Replica of the Swayambhu stupa

Replica of the Swayambhu stupa

Shanti Buddha Bihara

Shanti Buddha Vihara

Chinese Monastry

Chinese Monastry

Shanti Deep is a never-ending flame that symbolizes peace.

"Shanti Deep" the never ending flame which symbolizes  the Peace

Shanti Deep

As soon as Buddha was born he walked seven steps northwards on lotus petals raised his right-hand forefinger and spoke.

 little Buddha

little buddha

The pond where Mayadevi, mother of Buddha take bath after Buddha was born.



There are more monasteries and temples to visit. All you need is you should have enough time to visit all these sacred sites and know their meaning. I can’t post more pictures because this is my unplanned trip due to my limited time schedule.


6 thoughts on “Unplanned visit to Western Nepal continue…

  1. Really lovely photos. Are you planning to go to Lumbini for Buddha Purnima? Where was the Dhaka textile shop? I need to buy Dhaka Topi for my dad when I come. After you are looking so nice in the shawl I think I might get one! :p


  2. What a splendid tour — Thanks so much for sharing, Sister!



  3. Buddha Purnima is a long way to come so I haven’t planned. There are various Dhaka textile shops in Tansel, Palpa bazaar. You can buy dhaka topi and Shawl in Indrachowk of Kathmandu, this is the best gift Nepali man love..I hope you dad will be much pleased. Prices and qualities may vary according to the material. Thanks for your comment


  4. Thanks a lot , Brother . Love and blessings from my side too.


  5. Great pics Alisha, especially the Myanmar Temple. And love the hat!


  6. Myanmar temple is most beautiful among other temple and monastery in Lumbini. Thanks for liking my pictures Amelia. 🙂


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