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Majestic Monastery in Pokhara


Words have the power to both destroy and heal. When words are both true and kind, they can change our world. BUDDHA

Last week  I attended a workshop in investigative journalism in Pokhara.  Travel has always been my passion so despite my busy schedule I made an unplanned trip to the eastern part of Nepal. The places I visited include Pokhara, Palpa, Bhairawa, and Lumbini.  Though the trip is short it energizes me to the fullest.

Pokhara is one of my favorite places. I have visited numerous times. This time  I fulfilled my dream by visiting  Pema Ts’al Sakya Monastic Institute in Pokhara. This is a unique and beautiful place, situated on a quiet hilltop near Nepal’s famous Fewa Lake and in front of Fishtail Mountain. This monastic institute provides a comprehensive educational program for all our young monks that have been fully sanctioned by the Nepali government where they are educated in Tibetan, English, Nepali, Science, Social Studies, and Maths.











There are several ways that a person can HELP the monastery. You can sponsor a Pema Ts’al Monk for only 35 USD/month (420 USD/year). As a sponsor of a child, your student will write to you several times throughout the year and the monastery will send email correspondence updating you not only on the progress of your child but life at the institute as well.



I lit a lamp praying for the happiness and peace of all sentient beings. I will update another place to visit in my next blog. 


2 thoughts on “Majestic Monastery in Pokhara

  1. Nepal is beautiful and I hope to be able to see more one day soon. I love how you managed to get away on an unplanned trip, best way to travel! Lovely photos too.


  2. Unplanned trip is always full of excitement. You are always welcome to Nepal Amelia. Don’t forget to meet me . 🙂
    thanks for your comment .


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