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Fun in the chilly weather at Kakani

After more than one months of bed rest, I planned for picnic with my friends. Picnic is one of the ways to meet old friends and have fun. I  am really excited about  picnic because two of my best friends from school accompanied me whom I met after 8 years after finishing school. We choose Kakani as our picnic spot.  Kakani is the nearest destination from Kathmandu which is situated 24 kilometers northwest from Kathmandu. This place is perfect for short excursion.

























It is also hot spot for picnic.  We can see beautiful forests, steep hills, pine and oak trees and our national flower rhododendron submerged in the beauty of Kakani.
























It is stunning place for spectacular views. It is a place to cherish beautiful sunrise and sunset.  Above all, this place is famous for the sights of the mountain landscapes around the capital, including the views of the majestic peaks stretching from Ganesh Himal to the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges. But due to gloomy weather we are unable to get glimpse of magnificent mountain range. The beautiful horizon is no more visible. The beautiful Himalayan range is covered with fog.





















The air covered with mist and we can see clouds hovering in the air.  The frigid fog lingers embracing the whole Picnic is one way to make gloomy weather hot and fun. Though the weather is chilly and gloomy, we brightened it with fun, laughter, and entertainment. Apart from all these  we enjoyed the chilly  weather throughout the day. We light fire, sit around, and start singing a song, telling jokes, recite poems and making fun of each other.




































Further, Kakani is well-known for cycling and biking.  Famous for trout and strawberry farming, It welcomes the visitors to International Mountaineers Memorial Park on its southern side too. Moreover, either for short hikers or bikers  garlands the experiences of better views of sunrise and sunset. It is indeed a gateway to paradise. The nature’s perfect choice gives a short escort from the maddening crowd of Kathmandu, an emerging jungle of concrete.  After all this trip was memorable and never to be erased.


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In Search of Self

The Conscious Process

One of the most confusing and debated issues in philosophy, theology, psychology, anthropology, and now in the emerging neurosciences, is the concept of the self. To be succinct, the matter may be condensed into the question, “Who or what am I?”

The purpose of this essay is not to summarize the current state of the investigation, nor to champion any particular position that has already been advocated by far more accomplished minds than mine. Rather, I am here to suggest that most of the confusion around the subject is based on a fundamental misunderstanding — one that relies on the severely limited filters associated with the human vantage point. From the human vantage point, we will never be able to account for that which transcends our assumed humanity, any more than we can hope to view the grand procession of celestial galaxies by using our curled fingers as a telescope.

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