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Feel Death as reality of life


Do what you can , with what you have, where you are. Theodore Roosevelt

Social work has been my passion from my teenage.  Or rather say it is in my blood. So from my early age I started to donate some amount of money I earn for a social cause. What I believe is nothing gives you satisfaction than feeding a hungry people and quenching their thirst.   We are proud of our name, fame and money but one day we have to leave everything. So it would be better to live in impermanence.


Providing stationary to Slum Kids in Bouddhanath

When I first share with my feelings with my friends in doing social work they laughed  at me.  They thought it  was not  right age for me to start social work. They tell me we need lots of money to do social work or to help others. But I don’t agree them. TheodoreRoosevelt quote “DO WHAT YOU CAN, WITH WHAT YOU HAVE, WHERE YOU ARE.”  is the perfect quote. If we think we earn a lot of money and start to do social work one day  than that day will never come. We will be so trapped in this materialist  world that we rarely get time to think about other happiness. So now, present time is the right time to help others.


Feeding rice to Orphanage of Pravananda Ashram

Nowadays people are becoming more selfish. They  are busy worrying about their own family and cleaning their own house only. They give a damn to the poor and needy people. They never think about others happiness. I feel pity for these kinds of people.  I want them to realize that nothing lasts forever. If people realize this there  won’t be poor and hungry people anymore. In contrast to this, people are always worrying about their life only.


Orphanage from Prabhanand Ashram

Well, every year I celebrate my birthday with the orphans, street children, slum kids, old age home people etc. This is just small effort from my side.  I donate fruits to the beggars once a month on a full Moon day ( Poornima)  at Bouddhanath. Before I used to give them some money. Later on I came to know that  some beggars used those money to buy alcohol . Therefore, I started giving them fruits that is good for their health too.


Feeding rice to old man on the occasion of Fathers day

Whenever I see poor people, disable beggars my heart melt with pity. I feel like helping them in whatever way I can and I am doing so.  This is just a small effort from my side. I believe a drop makes  an ocean.  What I felt is every individual must realize that death is eternal. It  can come to any one at any time. Just close your eyes and feel as if you are going to die now.  At that time you feel sorry for yourself because in your whole life you just care about yourself. You didn’t do small thing that makes other people happy. You wanted to live more but nothing is in your control now. Just imagine and try to face the reality. We are in a queue of death.  What is difference between animal and you if you die silently?  Please wake up feel the death as reality of life.  


Attending dinner program to raise fund to feed street children

7 thoughts on “Feel Death as reality of life

  1. wow you have done the great work!!


  2. Thank you Kabiraj jee for your kind words. Love and Blessings !!


  3. You are doing such good work. I can’t think any better way to celebrate birthdays. Keep it up.


  4. Thank you Kiran for those inspiring words. People like you inspire me to do something for others.


  5. Ma’am, your blog is beautiful and fantastic, thank you for posting this material for the rest of us to get to see.


  6. you are most welcome..


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