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Explore the beauty of Surkhet


Surkhet lies in the Bheri Zone of the Mid-Western Development Region of Nepal. The beautiful Surkhet Valley, which resemble Kathmandu valley is approx. 400 km west of capital city Kathmandu.  It is a hub to remote districts like Dailekh, Kalikot, Mugu, Jumla, Jajarkot and Salyan.


Surkeht valley and beautiful sky

Surkhet seems as a beautiful bride that attracts all people with its enchanting beauty. Birendranagar city is the heart of Surkeht. The valley is blessed with magnificent mountains, skiing slopes and dense forests,   magnificent river, gigantic Himalayas peaks which also includes many shrines and pilgrimages.


Entrance of Kakrebihar

 Main tourist attractions of Surkhet are Kakrebihar, Bulbule Taal (lake), Deutibajai, Ghantaghar, Bheri River and many other places with religious as well as historic values. 



Kakre Bihar is a Hindu-Buddhist Temple Near from Birendranagar city . Kakre Bihar has a  shape like seed of cucumber thus it is called Kakre bihar . Nepali name for cucumber is Kakro.  This temple is believed to be built on 12th century.


Cucumber Shape Kakrebihar

It is made up of  solid stone with attractive bronze Idols of Hindu gods and goddess along Buddha.  This place is also famous for its natural beauty. It is situated over a small mountain.


Status of Buddha

Kakrebihar is the remains of an old Buddhist Monastery (palace), which is in the list of national heritage sites in Nepal. According to local villagers, Mahabharat’s Heroes-“The Pandavas”, came here, built cottage for their living and passed their Banbas Period (hiding themselves from other people).


Place where Pandavas hide themselves

Bulbule taal A small pond welcomes the visitor which is full of fishes. This pond is source of natural water spring, which comes in the form of bubbles.


Bulbul taal ( lake) where you can see water bubbles coming


Bulbul taal (lake)

 DeuitBajai is the most famous Hindu Temple in Surkhet and entire Midwestern Region of Nepal. Specially, its history is relative with “RAJI” society’s people where they used to pray.


Deutibajai Temple



People worship Peepal tree nearby Deutibajai

Every day people from near and far come to pray and make BHAKAS (promise with god).  People from every community and class are welcome here.


people gifted Deutibajai bell once their promises are fulfilled


Ghanta Ghar( Clock Tower)  is one of the highest cemented tower as well as Public clock in Surkhet. This cemented high tower is also the landmark of Surkhet. 


Ghantaghar ( Clock Tower)


Bheri river is a well known destination for rafting. There are many natural resources and beauty. Green jungle is also another attraction.



Bheri Bridge

Surkhet is accessible by air service and roads from various parts of the country. Karnali Highway, linked  Surkhet to the remote Western region Karnali. You can take a flight from Kathmadu-Nepalgunj and Kathmandu-Surkhet flight to explore this natural beauty.

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