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Elephant Bath amazing Bath

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Chitwan, situated  in the southern plain, offers a real tropical (vegetation, animals) experience for those who travel in Nepal. I have found Chitwan to be suitable for the cultural, safari and water-borne activities experience. Sauraha is in Chitwan district which lies at the northern bank of the Rapti River. It is 6 kilometers south of Tandi Bazaar. It is a beautiful place and there are plenty of opportunities to observe rural life. One of the amazing things to do or see in Sauraha is elephant bathing in Rapti River.



It starts at around 11 am each day. The mahout will guide you what to do. You can see lots of tourists crows nearby the river’s bank to snap photos and  to see the exciting bath.



Me , my sister and brother-in-law had lots of fun. It was indeed a pleasure moment for us. We shouted, screamed  and laughed   when elephant  splash water and give us a shower. It was a  thrilling experience.



The mahout stands at the back of elephant instruct elephant for everything.  People laugh with excitement, lots of splashing, everyone shouting, laughing. Tis magical experiences gives   everyone a complete  amusement.



Do not forget to visit or experience elephant bath when you visit Sauraha. The best time to visit Chitwan is October to May.




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