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Flying Freedom Paragliding

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From my childhood, I love doing something different from other kids.  I love adventure.  To add spice to my adventure I have been dreaming and planning to do paragliding once in my lifetime. With a bit of fear and a whole lot of excitement I did it on February, 2013. While going through my pictures folder in my lap today I came across these pictures and I wanted to share it with you all.


I love visiting Pokhara.  It is not only rich in natural beauty but also famous for adventurous sports.  One of the things that I absolutely wanted to do in Pokhara is paragliding from Sarangkot viewpoint.  It is one of the five commercials paragliding locations in the world.  Once you confirm for the flight pilot will guide you. After going through the instructions, I was ready to take this flight with my pilot.  He is a Russian by origin and has been flying ever since he was 14.


With his command I started to run, but failed for the first time.  I did second trial and it was a success. In no time, I was flying. The take off was breathtaking.  I was in the air flying which I have dreamt from my childhood.  I felt I am free like a bird and nothing gives immense pleasure to me at that time.  I felt I am enlightened.The peasant weather and the azure blue sky made me more excited. We are flying amidst Annapurna range overlooking the valley of rice paddy fields and fewa lake. This 25-30 minute journey was breathing and incredible experience and is worth a try.  Being in the high season, the sky was crowded, full of other para gliders.  But you still got views like this. But basically, there wasn’t much talking. The view really takes it out of you.


If you want to make your dream comes true.  Then you must keep in mind the best season is February, when it’s windy and there’s rising streams of air. If you are outside the ideal time, when the winds are low such as in November, the pilots can basically just take you in circles, so booking more than thirty minutes isn’t advisable. You can go paragliding in Pokhara year-round as long as it is not raining and the thermals are active. The peak season for bookings matches the normal tourist season in Nepal – September/October/November and February/March. The fall months are the clearest where thermals develop quickly with easy, high-flying of up to 3000 m.




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