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Hinduism is considered the world’s oldest religion consisted of thousands of different religious groups, beliefs, cultural ideas and philosophies. Our Hindu culture has various diversities. Of the various cultures TULA DAAN is one. It is a special puja. TULA is a manual balance (used by grocery shopkeepers)  and DAAN means to donate.  We can say it is a sacred donation made by people for the benefit of his/ her aspect.  It is been called secret donations or alms which will make him/ her relief from negative energy, further makes her health good.

Manual balance

The philosophy behind TULA DAAN is simple. Actually it is said that you offer something equivalent to your weight to the God. In the ancient time this practice started by giving salt equivalent to one’s weight in Vishnu temples.  The main thing to remember here is for one to always remember that he is not a great man and all humans (ATMAS OR SPIRITS ) are the same in front of God. It was started to make people realize that “ you are just a worth of 75 kg  of salt and why should you have ego or pride in your own name, fame and money. Upon death, one doesn’t carry anything with them.


My eighty-five years maternal grandmother told us she would love to do TULA DAAN before she dies. So we plan TULA DAAN puja for her good health and prosperous life.  We contact our guru (who perform puja) and organize puja accordingly.


The puja is followed by the main part where my grandma for whom puja is performed, sat  on one side of TULA (manual Balance)  and on the other side  more than one sacks of coin to maintain the  of weight as that of my grandma.   It continues till the balance shows the same weight on both the side. These materials are listed by astrologers before hence, considering once horoscope. This may include eatables such as wheat, rice, pulses, oil, sugar, cloth, metal like bronze, copper, iron etc. Nowadays the rich people have started giving gold, butter, coins and rupees for their weight to God.


The puja continued whole day from 6 a.m. in the morning till 5 p.m. My grandma didn’t even drink a drop of water the whole day. Because according to her belief that  while performing puja if you put tika and give money to your daughters, son-in-law and  grandchildren without drinking water  and taking food,  the puja was considered  a  great success and you will be blessed by god and go to heave when you die.


After finishing puja, according to her wish she gives some coins to her daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren.  Other remaining coins she donated to guru.  Most of the Hindu people believe that if you make your guru (who performs puja) happy you will be blessed. Some people may even donate to orphanage, old age home according to their wish.


In the evening we all gather together and had lots of fun. We all are happy that we fulfill our grandmother wish. Above all, my grandma seems most happiest woman on that day because her dream was fulfilled. 



  1. I like this philosophy, ” you offer something equivalent to your weight to the God”. It is meaningful and so unselfish. I enjoyed learning a bit of their culture.


  2. In Pune where does “Tula Daan” take place?
    Can you please help me out?


  3. Hello Sunita,
    I am from Nepal. Sorry dear I don’t know where does ” Tula Daan” takes place in Pune. 🙂


  4. Unique culture ,the sermon is amazingly beautiful.Jalal


  5. Thank you Jalal 🙂


  6. This was very interesting! Thank you for sharing it. I think if there was a similar kind of ceremony near me, I’d have to do it quite soon. At the rate my tummy seems to be expanding these days, it might end up becoming very expensive otherwise.

    Liked by 1 person

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