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Photographs of my Mustang Visit



Kaligandaki river



beautiful scene on the way



walking trail on the way to Muktinath














Mt. Dhaulagiri














rock climbing



















Ammonite snail fossils (Saligram), Symbol of Lord Vishnu














I can walk














beautiful nature













Pagoda Shapped Muktinath Temple





















Bells are offered to God once wish are fulfilled














Mountain Range














isn’t it amazing ?












sunset view












Houses in Muktinath













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Boiling water in a Kettle using Solar














Typical house in Muktinath















walking route















Feel Death as reality of life

Do what you can , with what you have, where you are. Theodore Roosevelt

Social work has been my passion from my teenage.  Or rather say it is in my blood. So from my early age I started to donate some amount of money I earn for a social cause. What I believe is nothing gives you satisfaction than feeding a hungry people and quenching their thirst.   We are proud of our name, fame and money but one day we have to leave everything. So it would be better to live in impermanence.


Providing stationary to Slum Kids in Bouddhanath

When I first share with my feelings with my friends in doing social work they laughed  at me.  They thought it  was not  right age for me to start social work. They tell me we need lots of money to do social work or to help others. But I don’t agree them. TheodoreRoosevelt quote “DO WHAT YOU CAN, WITH WHAT YOU HAVE, WHERE YOU ARE.”  is the perfect quote. If we think we earn a lot of money and start to do social work one day  than that day will never come. We will be so trapped in this materialist  world that we rarely get time to think about other happiness. So now, present time is the right time to help others.


Feeding rice to Orphanage of Pravananda Ashram

Nowadays people are becoming more selfish. They  are busy worrying about their own family and cleaning their own house only. They give a damn to the poor and needy people. They never think about others happiness. I feel pity for these kinds of people.  I want them to realize that nothing lasts forever. If people realize this there  won’t be poor and hungry people anymore. In contrast to this, people are always worrying about their life only.


Orphanage from Prabhanand Ashram

Well, every year I celebrate my birthday with the orphans, street children, slum kids, old age home people etc. This is just small effort from my side.  I donate fruits to the beggars once a month on a full Moon day ( Poornima)  at Bouddhanath. Before I used to give them some money. Later on I came to know that  some beggars used those money to buy alcohol . Therefore, I started giving them fruits that is good for their health too.


Feeding rice to old man on the occasion of Fathers day

Whenever I see poor people, disable beggars my heart melt with pity. I feel like helping them in whatever way I can and I am doing so.  This is just a small effort from my side. I believe a drop makes  an ocean.  What I felt is every individual must realize that death is eternal. It  can come to any one at any time. Just close your eyes and feel as if you are going to die now.  At that time you feel sorry for yourself because in your whole life you just care about yourself. You didn’t do small thing that makes other people happy. You wanted to live more but nothing is in your control now. Just imagine and try to face the reality. We are in a queue of death.  What is difference between animal and you if you die silently?  Please wake up feel the death as reality of life.  


Attending dinner program to raise fund to feed street children


Explore the beauty of Surkhet

Surkhet lies in the Bheri Zone of the Mid-Western Development Region of Nepal. The beautiful Surkhet Valley, which resemble Kathmandu valley is approx. 400 km west of capital city Kathmandu.  It is a hub to remote districts like Dailekh, Kalikot, Mugu, Jumla, Jajarkot and Salyan.


Surkeht valley and beautiful sky

Surkhet seems as a beautiful bride that attracts all people with its enchanting beauty. Birendranagar city is the heart of Surkeht. The valley is blessed with magnificent mountains, skiing slopes and dense forests,   magnificent river, gigantic Himalayas peaks which also includes many shrines and pilgrimages.


Entrance of Kakrebihar

 Main tourist attractions of Surkhet are Kakrebihar, Bulbule Taal (lake), Deutibajai, Ghantaghar, Bheri River and many other places with religious as well as historic values. 



Kakre Bihar is a Hindu-Buddhist Temple Near from Birendranagar city . Kakre Bihar has a  shape like seed of cucumber thus it is called Kakre bihar . Nepali name for cucumber is Kakro.  This temple is believed to be built on 12th century.


Cucumber Shape Kakrebihar

It is made up of  solid stone with attractive bronze Idols of Hindu gods and goddess along Buddha.  This place is also famous for its natural beauty. It is situated over a small mountain.


Status of Buddha

Kakrebihar is the remains of an old Buddhist Monastery (palace), which is in the list of national heritage sites in Nepal. According to local villagers, Mahabharat’s Heroes-“The Pandavas”, came here, built cottage for their living and passed their Banbas Period (hiding themselves from other people).


Place where Pandavas hide themselves

Bulbule taal A small pond welcomes the visitor which is full of fishes. This pond is source of natural water spring, which comes in the form of bubbles.


Bulbul taal ( lake) where you can see water bubbles coming


Bulbul taal (lake)

 DeuitBajai is the most famous Hindu Temple in Surkhet and entire Midwestern Region of Nepal. Specially, its history is relative with “RAJI” society’s people where they used to pray.


Deutibajai Temple



People worship Peepal tree nearby Deutibajai

Every day people from near and far come to pray and make BHAKAS (promise with god).  People from every community and class are welcome here.


people gifted Deutibajai bell once their promises are fulfilled


Ghanta Ghar( Clock Tower)  is one of the highest cemented tower as well as Public clock in Surkhet. This cemented high tower is also the landmark of Surkhet. 


Ghantaghar ( Clock Tower)


Bheri river is a well known destination for rafting. There are many natural resources and beauty. Green jungle is also another attraction.



Bheri Bridge

Surkhet is accessible by air service and roads from various parts of the country. Karnali Highway, linked  Surkhet to the remote Western region Karnali. You can take a flight from Kathmadu-Nepalgunj and Kathmandu-Surkhet flight to explore this natural beauty.

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Elephant Bath amazing Bath

Chitwan, situated  in the southern plain, offers a real tropical (vegetation, animals) experience for those who travel in Nepal. I have found Chitwan to be suitable for the cultural, safari and water-borne activities experience. Sauraha is in Chitwan district which lies at the northern bank of the Rapti River. It is 6 kilometers south of Tandi Bazaar. It is a beautiful place and there are plenty of opportunities to observe rural life. One of the amazing things to do or see in Sauraha is elephant bathing in Rapti River.



It starts at around 11 am each day. The mahout will guide you what to do. You can see lots of tourists crows nearby the river’s bank to snap photos and  to see the exciting bath.



Me , my sister and brother-in-law had lots of fun. It was indeed a pleasure moment for us. We shouted, screamed  and laughed   when elephant  splash water and give us a shower. It was a  thrilling experience.



The mahout stands at the back of elephant instruct elephant for everything.  People laugh with excitement, lots of splashing, everyone shouting, laughing. Tis magical experiences gives   everyone a complete  amusement.



Do not forget to visit or experience elephant bath when you visit Sauraha. The best time to visit Chitwan is October to May.



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Flying Freedom Paragliding

From my childhood, I love doing something different from other kids.  I love adventure.  To add spice to my adventure I have been dreaming and planning to do paragliding once in my lifetime. With a bit of fear and a whole lot of excitement I did it on February, 2013. While going through my pictures folder in my lap today I came across these pictures and I wanted to share it with you all.


I love visiting Pokhara.  It is not only rich in natural beauty but also famous for adventurous sports.  One of the things that I absolutely wanted to do in Pokhara is paragliding from Sarangkot viewpoint.  It is one of the five commercials paragliding locations in the world.  Once you confirm for the flight pilot will guide you. After going through the instructions, I was ready to take this flight with my pilot.  He is a Russian by origin and has been flying ever since he was 14.


With his command I started to run, but failed for the first time.  I did second trial and it was a success. In no time, I was flying. The take off was breathtaking.  I was in the air flying which I have dreamt from my childhood.  I felt I am free like a bird and nothing gives immense pleasure to me at that time.  I felt I am enlightened.The peasant weather and the azure blue sky made me more excited. We are flying amidst Annapurna range overlooking the valley of rice paddy fields and fewa lake. This 25-30 minute journey was breathing and incredible experience and is worth a try.  Being in the high season, the sky was crowded, full of other para gliders.  But you still got views like this. But basically, there wasn’t much talking. The view really takes it out of you.


If you want to make your dream comes true.  Then you must keep in mind the best season is February, when it’s windy and there’s rising streams of air. If you are outside the ideal time, when the winds are low such as in November, the pilots can basically just take you in circles, so booking more than thirty minutes isn’t advisable. You can go paragliding in Pokhara year-round as long as it is not raining and the thermals are active. The peak season for bookings matches the normal tourist season in Nepal – September/October/November and February/March. The fall months are the clearest where thermals develop quickly with easy, high-flying of up to 3000 m.





Hinduism is considered the world’s oldest religion consisted of thousands of different religious groups, beliefs, cultural ideas and philosophies. Our Hindu culture has various diversities. Of the various cultures TULA DAAN is one. It is a special puja. TULA is a manual balance (used by grocery shopkeepers)  and DAAN means to donate.  We can say it is a sacred donation made by people for the benefit of his/ her aspect.  It is been called secret donations or alms which will make him/ her relief from negative energy, further makes her health good.

Manual balance

The philosophy behind TULA DAAN is simple. Actually it is said that you offer something equivalent to your weight to the God. In the ancient time this practice started by giving salt equivalent to one’s weight in Vishnu temples.  The main thing to remember here is for one to always remember that he is not a great man and all humans (ATMAS OR SPIRITS ) are the same in front of God. It was started to make people realize that “ you are just a worth of 75 kg  of salt and why should you have ego or pride in your own name, fame and money. Upon death, one doesn’t carry anything with them.


My eighty-five years maternal grandmother told us she would love to do TULA DAAN before she dies. So we plan TULA DAAN puja for her good health and prosperous life.  We contact our guru (who perform puja) and organize puja accordingly.


The puja is followed by the main part where my grandma for whom puja is performed, sat  on one side of TULA (manual Balance)  and on the other side  more than one sacks of coin to maintain the  of weight as that of my grandma.   It continues till the balance shows the same weight on both the side. These materials are listed by astrologers before hence, considering once horoscope. This may include eatables such as wheat, rice, pulses, oil, sugar, cloth, metal like bronze, copper, iron etc. Nowadays the rich people have started giving gold, butter, coins and rupees for their weight to God.


The puja continued whole day from 6 a.m. in the morning till 5 p.m. My grandma didn’t even drink a drop of water the whole day. Because according to her belief that  while performing puja if you put tika and give money to your daughters, son-in-law and  grandchildren without drinking water  and taking food,  the puja was considered  a  great success and you will be blessed by god and go to heave when you die.


After finishing puja, according to her wish she gives some coins to her daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren.  Other remaining coins she donated to guru.  Most of the Hindu people believe that if you make your guru (who performs puja) happy you will be blessed. Some people may even donate to orphanage, old age home according to their wish.


In the evening we all gather together and had lots of fun. We all are happy that we fulfill our grandmother wish. Above all, my grandma seems most happiest woman on that day because her dream was fulfilled.