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Buying Used car vs New one

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There is a growing trend in the market with a higher interest in used vehicles.  An increasing number of buyers prefer looking at used cars. The latest development has led to a new industry for these hands me down vehicles. Most of us would like to buy that new shiny car but owing to the financial restrictions and other factors, we end up looking at these used cars. There are of course pros and cons of buying a used car or a new one. Naturally, there are some upsides of buying a brand new car but there are a great number of advantages of buying a used car too.

When buying used cars, you know you would have to go through a full gamut (range, scale, scope) of checks and inspections. However, if you end up getting a great model, it is all worth in the end. Buying used car doesn’t mean that you will be getting a shabby looking vehicle guzzling up that gas? There are plenty of awesome used models in the TQM Vehicle Stock that are almost as good as new. Only, you should know how to look and where to look. In addition, buying used cars does not mean that you have to compromise on the quality and give up with amenities like warranty and servicing.

Some tips to keep in mind when looking at used cars

Look closely at your needs

Take into consideration factors like how often and where you are going to drive the car. You also need to keep in mind about the number of occupants in the car. Look for a model based on these needs.

What is your budget?

Now that you are sure of your needs; you need to pay attention to the budget. Every customer will have different needs and budget for the second hand car.

Put aside some money

You may need to spend some money on immediate upgrades or repairs like getting new tyres. You need to add these expenses too in the budget.

Survey the Market

Always do some research in the market for the second hand cars? Now that you have a budget and are sure of the model you want, you can look for these cars specially and see where you can get the best deals. With a little homework, you can sure get the best value for your money.

Check vehicle stock at TQM (, and

It is essential to deal with an honest car dealer. Read reviews and get feedback. Ask your friends and family members and soon you will have some good names on your list. Check out smaller car dealers as well as private owners. With private owners, one can sometimes get some good discounts and great deals. You will never regret if you buy used cars from TQM. Just try it once.


One thought on “Buying Used car vs New one

  1. I would always suggest used Asian car, which are more easy to fix and maintain that there European and American ones


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