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Used construction equipment and import regulations


Nepalese Construction Industry contributed around 10 to 11 percentages to GDP and it uses around 35 percent of government budget. It is estimated that this sector is creating employment opportunities to about one million people so it generate employment next to agricultural sector in the country. Similarly about 60 percentages of the nation’s development budget is spent through the use of contractors. (Federation of Contractors Association of Nepal). From this, it is clearly seen that construction is a major sector and any productivity enhancement activity in this sector will have a positive impact in the overall improvement of the national economy.

Dump Truck

Dump Truck


In the last two decade, there has been considerable progress in the construction industry. During the period, the Nepalese contractors have been able to develop their management skill, improve working capacity, financial and technical capabilities, and acquire suitable construction equipments. As a result local contractors have been able to compete and participate in mega construction project. There are many companies and brands emerging in Nepali market. Brands like Komatsu, Case, Caterpillar and Tata construction deal with equipment like excavators, loaders, rollers, backhoe loaders, wheel loaders, etc. Likewise, Doosan, Hyundai, Kawasaki, Mahindra and Ashoka also have introduced various construction equipments. The major chunk client for equipment are contractors, while real estate developers, hydro power and mining projects, government departments like the department for road, department of irrigation, brick industrialist etc .

Komatsu Tire roller

Komatsu Tire roller


For country like Nepal where construction work is widely, taking place construction equipments is a necessity. Buying new construction equipments is costly. Therefore, it would be better to buy used construction equipment. Knowing below mention tips might help you in importing construction equipments from Japan .

Visit TQM stocks and details of available construction equipments at
Choose the used equipments and contact TQM Nepal office.
TQM staffs will do the necessary formalities and export your favorite Japanese used construction machinery to your destination port.
Import Regulations for Nepal
Custom Duty varies for used and new construction machineries. For new machineries, custom duty is 2 percent and for used it is 5-6 percent. Trading company need to pay additional 13 percent VAT to import the machineries. This VAT is not applicable for Construction Company and project.
For importing the used machineries in Nepal the TQM provides the service of shipping. Seller will quote price up to Kolkata port, India (C&F Kolkata). Importer should handle transportation from Kolkata to Birgung and clear custom. Moreover, for the payment T/T or L/C is compulsory. T/T can use maximum 50,000 $. L/C or T/T should be done before the ship leave from Japan.
Importers should take permission if they import the machineries without VAT or not before the ship leave from Japan.. VAT free is only available for Construction Company and project.

Komatsu Excalavator Front loading

Komatsu Excalavator Front loading

If you are confuse you can get help from TQM. TQM assure you best quality used construction machinery at good price because TQM work for goodwill and long term relations.


2 thoughts on “Used construction equipment and import regulations

  1. This regulation relates to equipment imported by many companies. The problem is there are many companies believe to the quality of imported equipment than the equipment made domestically. This obviously makes a lot of local equipment manufacturers become losers in a large scale.


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