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Tips on buying used cars in Nepal

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Below are few tips on how to get the best-used car that meet your budget.

used sunny sedan

used sunny sedan

What you want in a car?
First you must be sure what kinds of cars do you want. Do you just plan to use it for only a few years and sell it off soon?. Figuring out the real reason for buying a car will make your purchase a better one.
Secret to the best deal
When you look for used car it is best to buy one which has hardly been run. If you want to get almost new car at a reasonable price, you need to look for car which is 1-2 years old, which look and feel quite new. However, if those are beyond your budget, you will have to settle for something older.
It we are looking for a website selling used cars visit . It is a marketplace for buying, selling and renting cars, jeeps, trucks, buses, machineries and equipment in Nepal. Car related information like technical specifications of the car model , options and features of the car, prices gives you idea on which model is a better deal for you.
How does a car look like?
Even if you’re buying a used car, you’d still want it to look nice, wouldn’t you? A general rule of thumb is that if the previous owner has taken care to maintain the looks of the car, he has probably been a careful driver and taken good care of the mechanical parts of the car as well.
Price vary due to different factors
The price of a used car in Nepal will depend on many factors like the general condition of car like the mileage on the car, age of the car, condition of the ever been in an accident . It would be better to take a car for a test before finalizing it. You must take it on a test drive to ensure you’ve really gotten a good deal.
Should you buy a car that has been in an accident?
Even though a car has been in an accident, it does not mean that it is a poor purchase. But there are dozens of used cars for sale in Kathmandu. If you search well enough or are willing to wait, you should be able to come across one eventually. Another good reason to check the used cars is to
Check resale value
If you do not plan to use the car for too long, look for a car which has a high resale value. The Toyota Corolla, Toyota Yaris, Nissan Sunny, Maruti Alto and Hyundai Santro at TQM Nepal stock can be sold off easily, and you will probably not lose too much money when you are reselling it.


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