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Used Vehicle Third Party Inspection Service at TQM

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You have done your research, identified the vehicle that meets your requirement and verified the documents. As a used vehicle buyer, though you are excited to find a vehicle that meets your requirement, you are still concerned about its overall reliability and safety. As a buyer, through your buying process, you have easy access to information like make, engine, model, type ; however with the information available you may find it difficult to evaluate the fitness of the vehicle . So if you are wandering TQM is here so help you.
Why choose TQM?
TQM is playing the role of facilitator and working as a “third party inspection” . It is mediator between the dealer (first party) and buyer or customer (second party) for over a year. As a third party TQM is doing best to carry out inspection with fair and independent. However, as like any other third party inspector, TQM will not take any responsibility or liabilities if there is any mistake and missing during inspection.
How can TQM help you?
TQM has adopted this `third party inspection` in package which is quite new and useful concept to fulfill gap between buyer and seller. TQM understands your concern and the need for an objective evaluation backed by quantitative outputs. To address the specific challenges and requirements of Japanese used vehicle, TQM has designed and developed a state-of-the-art “third party inspection” managed by highly trained experts in the field. Professional, highly trained and trustworthy staffs from TQM deliver solutions that safeguard your benefits and make mobility safer. Experienced trainers from Japan, who not only extend technical knowledge, train these staffs. Moreover, any other appointed personal can act as third party inspector.
Used Vehicle Inspection Service at TQM
`Inspection is not means of any guarantee, it is just description of present situation of unit at the time of inspection`. There are 3 stages of inspection. 1. Self-Dealer Inspection
2. Pre-shipment Inspection
3. Post-shipment Inspection
Self-Dealer Inspection is initial stage where inspection is carried out by Dealers or sellers themselves.
Re -inspection and verification of Self-Dealer inspection can be done before confirming the units.
Pre-shipment inspection is second stage of inspection, which is carried out after confirmed units but before the shipment. Buyer or customer can claim or negotiate through TQM if there is any unverified report or defect compare with first stage report. However, TQM can re-inspect the vehicles and verified Self-Dealer Inspection report as per second party requirement.
Finally, Post-shipment Inspection is last stage of inspection in order to verify whether there is any damage or loss during the shipment.
Additional fees may be charged for any kind of third party inspection. It will differ as per type of vehicles, location and situation.
How will you benefit ?
• Make your decision with impartial information – TQM is a trusted, neutral and independent company service
• Accurate inspection – conducted with technologically advanced equipment by well trained staffs
• Objective evaluation – with value extended against each parameter, to assist you to evaluate the fitness of the vehicle
• Systematic evaluations – with a pre-defined inspection process, each test is performed according to requirements.
• Receive your user – friendly reports that ensure real time transfer of data and speedy report generation.


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