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Used Construction Equipment at TQM

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Komatsu, the name in Japanese, means ‘little pine country’. Its history dates back to 1917 when Takeuchi mining industry (founded in 1894) established Komatsu Iron Works to manufacture machine tools and mining equipment for in-house use. It was later in 1921 that Komatsu Iron Works separated from Takeuchi Mining Co. to become Komatsu Ltd. Initially, the company began production of large presses and farming equipments. The first Komatsu construction equipment, the D50 Bull Dozer was introduced in 1947 and it started producing Motor Graders since 1952. Later in 1953, it began production of Fork Lifts and Dump Trucks as well. Production of wheel loaders was started in 1965 and Hydraulic excavators were started to be built since 1968.

Komatsu has always been developing newer and more efficient products also keeping view of the environment. Low fuel consumption and following of European emission standard are the evidence of its commitment to environment protection. Along with the eco-friendliness comes the technological advancement that Komatsu has always been adhered to. Year after year, it has been using highly sophisticated technology in the equipments making them highly efficient as well as very economical to operate. Komatsu actively promotes research and development activities for new technologies and products consistent with its commitment to provide “Quality and Reliability”. Komatsu has been engaged in the research and development of information technologies, including the sophisticated measurement method, remote control of machine location and Operation data, tool and equipment control and artificial intelligence.

Used construction equipment is the term used for old machines used for construction work. Despite the fact that construction equipment is an important component of construction work, it can’t be bought every time a new construction takes place due to the cost factor involved in it. It is therefore understandable that used construction equipment is brought in use while construction process takes place. Used construction equipment may be used in various constructions such as roads, tunnels, canals, airports, dams, buildings and bridges.
There are many advantages of buying used construction equipment at TQM. We have stock of Komatsu used Construction Equipment at TQM. You can visit our website for the stock. Buying Used construction equipment at TQM reduces cost. Along with the cost, it also saves time. You just need to visit TQM’s website and choose the equipment. Moreover, you also need to be careful in case you plan to buy such equipment. You must make sure that the product is in good condition. But all these advantages are useful if you take proper care of the equipment and keep them ready for use whenever they are required. More importantly, though it is used one used con. Equip at TQM is independently is in the best possible condition. Of course, as you go about the process of buying used construction equipment, take your time. You need not to rush.


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