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Best Used Cars in the Suv Segment

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If you are buying vehicles and you have been wondering on which best used cars to buy, a look at the sales data can help you in buying the vehicles. More importantly when it comes to automotive, people do not buy cars for the reason that they are popular; people buy cars because the models fit their needs and lifestyle. This is true especially for those who are interested in buying sport utility vehicles or SUVs. SUV is short form for Sport Utility Vehicle. At the beginning, SUV was a vehicle that combined the towing capacity of a full-size truck with the passenger and storage capacity of a minivan. However, as consumer demands have changed, so has the vehicle. Many manufacturers now focus on fuel-efficiency and driving and riding comfort, rather than towing capacity.

SUVs cater to a part of the market who really knows what they want. SUVs are more expensive than sedans and because of their large engines and more fuel consumption. SUVs may look sporty and luxurious but owing one is definitely serious business. Nevertheless, if you’re one of those serious SUV buyers and are looking for the best model to buy, the sales data for 2012 SUV sales is worth looking at. Japanese models are very well represented in the 2012 worldwide models ranking, starting with the #1 spot held by the Toyota Corolla with 1,097,132 sales. Then we find the Toyota Camry at #4 and 797,466 units, the Nissan Tiida/Sunny at #8 with 774,846 sales, Toyota Yaris/Vios at #12 and 708,619 units and the Honda Civic at #14 with 656,164 sales. The Japanese SUV was recently awarded the bestselling SUV in the world in 2012. In 2012, it sold 635,256 units, making it the number one SUV in the whole world. This achievement went along with the sale increase recorded by the Honda CR-V last year, selling 635,256 units in total. The Honda CR-V beats other SUV models sold on various parts of the globe. Honda CR-V is one of the best used cars to buy because of its overall good performance, reliability, safety, and value for money. For your information, Honda started introducing the CR-V to the automotive public in the world in 1995 and has sold the model in more than 160 countries in the world since.

Used Toyota Cami SUV TA-J102E (2005) Available in Japan

Another Japanese brand vehicle is the Toyota RAV4, which comes in at appropriately number four, with 428,514 units sold. The Nissan Qashqai/Dualis is the third and last Japanese model in the top ten, with a total sale of 298,066 units. Not quite making it to the top ten but still a worthy SUV is the Nissan Juke at number eleven and 232,128 in sales. At its heels is the Toyota Highlander (or Kluger as it is known in Japan) with 230,547 units sold. The other Japanese models that may be regarded as the best used cars to buy in the SUV segment are the Nissan Rogue (160,265 sold), Mazda CX-5 (154,877 sold), Toyota Land Cruiser Series (150,701 sold), Toyota Fortuner/Hilux SW4 (149,756 sold), Toyota Prado (143,430 sold), Suzuki SX4 (126,990 sold), Subaru Forester (124,605 sold), Honda Pilot (124,295 sold), Nissan X-Trail (114,446 sold), Mitsubishi Outlander Sport/ASX (111,508 sold), Mitsubishi Pajero/Montero (107,696 sold), Mitsubishi Outlander (77,494 sold), and the Toyota Rush/Daihatsu Terios (76,788sold).Those are the Japanese models that made it to the bestselling SUV list for 2012. So if you are SUV enthusiastic and you are serious buyer this should give you an idea about the most trusted models in the SUV segment, as reliability is a prime factor why people buy SUVs in the first place.
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