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With the bizarre traffic in the city and huge amount of tax imposed in new car, used car be the best option, especially for those who cannot afford spending a large amount on just a car. Though some may be still hesitant about used cars, others know its value. Used cars are popular these days especially among those who are budget-conscious. They are popular all over the world. But here in Nepal this trend is developing slowly. People are scared if they might get ripped off in price and condition of the car. So to put all your doubts to make sure TQM is here to help you.

New Geely MK Sedan MK

New Geely MK Sedan MK

WWW.TQMNEPAL.COM is a marketplace for buying, selling and renting cars, jeeps, trucks, buses, machineries and equipment in Nepal. If you want to buy used cars be sure that what type of car you want. TQM offer wide range of used cars at the affordable prices. You can find the database of used vehicles by make, model, model code, color or vehicle ID. Furthermore, you may take benefit from our service in order to promote your products related to AME also in domestic market. You can register your profile as FREE in our website. You can also exhibit any products related to automobiles, machineries and equipment for sale. You can even find used construction machineries and equipments in our website. For inquiry about any vehicle, you can use our inquiry form at the top of the website.


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