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Don’t forget 4 things before buying used vehicles from TQM

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If you have already make up your mind in buying used cars from Japan. Visit our website and choose the vehicle of you like. As you go on buying vehicles from TQM, you need to keep these 4 things in mind to make your import easy, safe, and hassle-free.

Import regulations
Different countries have different restrictions about importing new and used cars, trucks, buses, and even auto parts, so check your national import laws and regulations. These regulations would state who can import (usually natural-born citizens and some migrants), what can be imported, details on the import application process, and the requirements needed for importation.

RHD means Right hand drive and LHD refers to left hand drive. You must know which driving models your country uses. Though many countries allow the use of both kinds of vehicles it would be better to buy a car that would be easier to handle considering your country’s traffic flow. Technically, the steering wheel placement (which tells whether the car is LHD or RHD) is opposite to the traffic flow: left-hand traffic countries use RHD vehicles; right-hand traffic countries use LHD.

FOB, CIF and C&F ?
You should know about FOB,CIF and C & F . You would encounter these terminologies when buying cars from Japan. FOB of Free on Board is the most basic price, which includes a sold cars transport from dealers stock yard up to the port where it is to be shipped. It does not include the cost of transportation and marine insurance yet. If you want to include these expenses in the dealers price calculation as for CIF amount or Cost Insurance and Freight. C & F means costs and freight, which is CIF but it does not include the marine insurance.

Secure payment
For the secure payment, you need to check the exporters background. You can even see the testimonials and find out about the exporters whether it is trustworthy or not. TQM International provides you secure payment service once you confirm your vehicles. You should pay at least 50 percent in advance within 3 working days and you will receive your car. After the confirmation of vehicle has been made, we will proceed for the shipment. Rest 50% should be cleared within 3 working days after ship left from Japan. TQM will send shipping document and you need to submit this document in order to take cars from your port. To get the vehicles of your choice you need to do full payment. Do not think its lengthy process and get bored. This is the secure method of payment where both tasks are fulfilled.


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