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Benefit of importing Used Vehicles from TQM International

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Each day thousands of people are buying and selling used cars from Japan. Japan’s used cars have gained popularity worldwide. For importing used vehicles from Japan first, you need to know what type of vehicle you want to buy your budget, be aware of insurance, and repair costs. You can search vehicle of your choice at TQM’s website TQM offer wide range of vehicles with the best services at the most affordable prices. You can find the huge database of used vehicles by make, model, model code, color or vehicle ID. For the several ranges of vehicles, you can even search direct. There is advance search for making specific search of the vehicle. This will help you in getting specifications like body type, steering, drive, shift, color, all make, Automobile Inspection System (AIS) Inspection grade and fuel.

TQM is working with a pioneering spirit to meet the global demand of quality vehicles. You can find
Quality and Uniqueness in our work. Each vehicle at TQM are tested and certified by sound professionals and technicians who stamp durability and exceptionality of these cars. Likewise, inspection for radiation contamination is carried out on every vehicle as soon as it is brought to our stockyard from the auction houses. There is also possibility of third party inspection by AIS (automobile inspection system). AIS have developed an inspection-grading standard as industrial de-facto with manufacturers including Toyota, Honda, Nissan Madza and Subaru. Inspection grading, interior and exterior evaluations shown each represent vehicle’s condition at the inspection date. Engine and transmission are not subject to the evaluation. While facilitating entire customers need regarding payment, expenses and others we ensure complete transparency in the deals.
Used cars at TQM are usually affordable that possess high-speed capabilities, the impressive fuel saving and the quality technologies. All these characteristics make used cars at TQM one of the sources of cheap models completely equipped. Almost cars are clean and good condition updated by Japanese dealers. It was estimated that most of these used car display a mileage of only 35 up to 40 thousand miles. In addition, all used cars are also in great shape because of the excellent road conditions that has been created in Japan.


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