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Buy vehicles at TQM; Save Money

Most of the people when they plan to buy vehicle either they look for used vehicle or they look for the lowest price. Nowadays vehicles have become one of the most common purchases that almost every family would own it. If you are looking for a vehicle to buy you can visit our website WWW.TQMJAPAN.COM and get the vehicle of your choice at the lowest cost.
Buying used vehicles saves your money
New cars are reliable and are made to last. Nevertheless, they are expensive and you may not afford it when you are on a tight budget. You need not to worry. You can purchase a good vehicle with the money you have and fulfill your dream. Vehicles at TQM International are reliable, genuine and had undergone a thorough inspection regularly.

More cost-effective
No motor vehicle, that is subject to inspection can be operated unless it has undergone inspection conducted by the Ministry of Transport (or by the Light motor Vehicle Inspection organization authorized by the Ministry in the case of mini-sized motor vehicles) and is provided with a motor vehicle inspection certificate. Three-wheeled/four/wheeled mini-sized motor vehicles and small-motor cycle are obligated to undergo inspection. Motor vehicles are inspected regularly to confirm their structure and Equipment with safety regulations. This increases vehicles safety and prevents pollutions while enabling smoother road traffics and saving more energy. The motor vehicle inspection is conducted to determine the conformity of motor vehicles with regard to the Safety Regulations for Road Vehicles. Motor vehicle is allowed to be operated on the road unless it has passed the motor vehicle inspection and it has obtained a valid motor vehicle inspection certificate.
When a motor vehicle is to be operated for the first time Initial Inspection is to be performed. Used cars without the number plate shall also be subject to this inspection. When a motor vehicle is to be operated continually beyond the expiry date of the motor vehicle inspection certificate than renewal inspection is performed. The valid term of the motor vehicle inspection certificate differs from vehicle to vehicle. For new passenger cars for private use, validity is 3years. For Passenger cars for private use ( excluding those listed in the preceding) and large sized special motor vehicles and mini sized trucks is 2years and for the taxis, buses for buses use, trucks, tank lories, buses for private use, motor vehicles for kindergarten children is 1 year. When a motor vehicle has been modified to cause changes in its length, width, and/or maximum loading capacity Modification Inspection is to be performed. When a motor vehicle has been disassembling, repaired reassembling inspection is to be performed and Preliminary Inspection is granted to car dealers, etc. for motor vehicles as their merchandise to confirm conformity with safety regulations before specific users are determined for the vehicles.

Less tax
Registration and customs, taxes are based on the declared value of the car. Those importing new cars would have to pay a higher tax because they are paying the percentage of the new-car value. If you are importing a used unit from one of TQM International you will only need to declare the transaction price you paid for the car, which would surely be less than a new one, and which means you’ll be paying less tax.

Negotiable prices
Used vehicle market is the place where you can negotiate, there’s no such thing as a fixed price. The prices differ depending on whether you will also be including freight cost and insurance. TQM is doing its best to please its potential customers. You can negotiate and buy the vehicle of your choice.


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Don’t forget 4 things before buying used vehicles from TQM

If you have already make up your mind in buying used cars from Japan. Visit our website and choose the vehicle of you like. As you go on buying vehicles from TQM, you need to keep these 4 things in mind to make your import easy, safe, and hassle-free.

Import regulations
Different countries have different restrictions about importing new and used cars, trucks, buses, and even auto parts, so check your national import laws and regulations. These regulations would state who can import (usually natural-born citizens and some migrants), what can be imported, details on the import application process, and the requirements needed for importation.

RHD means Right hand drive and LHD refers to left hand drive. You must know which driving models your country uses. Though many countries allow the use of both kinds of vehicles it would be better to buy a car that would be easier to handle considering your country’s traffic flow. Technically, the steering wheel placement (which tells whether the car is LHD or RHD) is opposite to the traffic flow: left-hand traffic countries use RHD vehicles; right-hand traffic countries use LHD.

FOB, CIF and C&F ?
You should know about FOB,CIF and C & F . You would encounter these terminologies when buying cars from Japan. FOB of Free on Board is the most basic price, which includes a sold cars transport from dealers stock yard up to the port where it is to be shipped. It does not include the cost of transportation and marine insurance yet. If you want to include these expenses in the dealers price calculation as for CIF amount or Cost Insurance and Freight. C & F means costs and freight, which is CIF but it does not include the marine insurance.

Secure payment
For the secure payment, you need to check the exporters background. You can even see the testimonials and find out about the exporters whether it is trustworthy or not. TQM International provides you secure payment service once you confirm your vehicles. You should pay at least 50 percent in advance within 3 working days and you will receive your car. After the confirmation of vehicle has been made, we will proceed for the shipment. Rest 50% should be cleared within 3 working days after ship left from Japan. TQM will send shipping document and you need to submit this document in order to take cars from your port. To get the vehicles of your choice you need to do full payment. Do not think its lengthy process and get bored. This is the secure method of payment where both tasks are fulfilled.

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Little Bird’s grief

I am a little bird
Searching for the nest
I fly up and I fly down
I find food on my own

I fly night and day
Wiping all my tears away
My warm nest made of hay
This was wickedly blown away

Where do I go
To search my nest
I am tired
I need rest

There is no joy
Coz my nest was destroy
Can you see my grief?
And make me relief

Can you see my woo?
Help me in finding nest too
Can you see a falling tear?
I don’t know whom to share

Can you sit and hear
Wipe a little bird tear
Hear the small bird’s grief
That I share in brief

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“Shhh don’t disturb me tonight “

Let me drink your love
and be drunk tonight
and blossom
like spring flowers
Let me pamper
With the love you pour in
and be colourful
like rainbow
Neither I need wine nor champagne
let me drink your love
and be drunk tonight
Let me bath
In shower of your love
and be content
Just like a child
in a warm lap of his mother
let me kiss tonight
like a raindrops
let me wrap you around me
and be drunk
Let me be blind
in your love
Let me
be with you forever
you are my other half
that makes me full
Let’s be together
till the universe dissolves


In search of my soul

Oh soul
I invite you
To enter my mind
To enter my body
I am in pain
Oh soul
I invite you
To ease my pain
To strengthen
To encourage
To inspire me
Oh soul
I invite you
To wipe my tears
To overcome my fears
Where are you?
I walk day and night
In search of my soul
But alas !
You were lost
Now I am tired
Searching you
Oh soul
and make me alive

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Love Whispers

My love comes to me
Whispers in my ear
dear why are you crying?
I am here
he embrace, he caress me
he keep me in his lap
whispers in my ear
dear why are you so sad ?
I am here
he cuddle me, he huddle me
he gently fondle me
whispers in my ear
dear why you look so depress
I am here
he hug me, he kiss me
he tenderly embrace me
whispers in my ear
dear why you are so sad
I am here ….

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नारी दिवस मनाउनुको के सार्थकता ?

वर्ष भरी तिमी उसलाई
चिथोर्ने , कोपर्ने अनि लछार्ने गर्छौ
वर्षमा एक दिन नारी पुजनिय छे भन्छौ
अनि येस्तोमा
नारी दिवस मनाउनु को के सार्थकता ?

वर्ष भरी तिमी नशामा मातिएर
उसलाई शाररिक र मानसिक यातना दिन्छौ
वर्षमा एक दिन नारीको नाममा मिठो भासन दिन्छौ
अनि येस्तोमा
नारी दिवस मनाउनु को के सार्थकता ?

वर्ष भरी तिमी उसलाई सांगलोले बाधछौ, घाटी निमोठ्छौ
बेक्तिगत स्वोतंत्रता दिन डराउ छौ
अनि वर्षमा एक दिन नारीको दुखः मा आशु बहाउ छौ
अनि येस्तोमा
नारी दिवस मनाउनु को के सार्थकता ?

अब तिमी ले बुज्नु जरु री छ
एक चोटी उसलाई
स्वोतन्त्रता दियेर हेर
माया दियेर हेर
सम्मान दियेर हेर
साथ दियेर हेर
अनि हरेक दिन नारी दिवस हुने छ
उसलाई चाहिए को छ तिम्रो साथ्
न कि
नारी दिवस को नाम मा खोक्रो आसवासन