Colors of Life like colors of rainbow

Eye on every activity that catch my mind and touches my heart

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Little Bird’s grief

I am a little bird
Searching for the nest
I fly up and I fly down
I find food on my own

I fly night and day
Wiping all my tears away
My warm nest made of hay
This was wickedly blown away

Where do I go
To search my nest
I am tired
I need rest

There is no joy
Coz my nest was destroy
Can you see my grief?
And make me relief

Can you see my woo?
Help me in finding a nest too
Can you see a falling tear?
I don’t know whom to share

Can you sit and hear
Wipe a little bird tear
Hear the small bird’s grief
That I share in brief


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“Shhh don’t disturb me tonight “

Let me drink your love
and be drunk tonight
and blossom
like spring flowers
Let me pamper
With the love, you pour in
and be colorful
like rainbow
Neither I need wine or champagne
let me drink your love
and be drunk tonight
Let me bath
In a shower of your love
and be content
Just like a child
in the warm lap of his mother
let me kiss you tonight
like a raindrops
let me wrap you around me
and be drunk
Let me be blind
in your love
Let me
be with you forever
you are my other half
that makes me full
Let’s be together
till the universe dissolves


In search of my soul

Oh soul
I invite you
To enter my mind
To enter my body
I am in pain
Oh soul
I invite you
To ease my pain
To strengthen
To encourage
To inspire me
Oh soul
I invite you
To wipe my tears
To overcome my fears
Where are you?
I walk day and night
In search of my soul
But alas!
You were lost
Now I am tired
Searching you
Oh soul
and make me alive

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Love Whispers

My love comes to me
Whispers in my ear
dear, why are you crying?
I am here
he embraces me, he caresses me
he keeps me in his lap
whispers in my ear
dear, why are you so sad?
I am here
he cuddles me, he huddles me
he gently fondles me
whispers in my ear
dear why do you look so depressed
I am here
he hugs me, he kisses me
he tenderly embraces me
whispers in my ear
dear why you are so sad
I am here ….