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Pros and Cons of Electric Vehicle

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The world is getting polluted with the increasing number of vehicles. Pollution from vehicles is hazardous to every creature in the earth. If pollution raises in this level than one day each and every people in this world will suffer from ill health. It’s time to think about the alternative way to reduce the pollution. One of the best alternatives to control pollution is the use of electrical vehicles (EVs). Electric Vehicles are the vehicle that runs with the help of rechargeable battery. Instead of filling the vehicles with the fuel, you recharge these vehicles by plugging in to an electrical outlet. In some ways electric vehicles are very similar to conventional vehicles. The accelerator, brake and steering wheel will be familiar to anyone who has driven a car before.

With the rise of environment pollution and the high cost of fossil fuel, it would seem that the EVs would take off. Beside this, EVs has many advantages. It makes environment clean because it has no pollutions emissions since it run with the help of battery. It will help is reducing the oil consumption too. Further, It saves energy which in return saves the environment. It is one of the best vehicles economically and environmentally for the developing nations. Due to constant gasoline and petrol shortages Nepal motorists are being attracted to EVs. Another important thing is emissions of greenhouse gas which is negligible on a global scale; the adverse health effects of air pollution on the people living in urban centers like Kathmandu are not something to be ignored. Tourists perhaps have a better idea of the level of air pollution in Kathmandu. Within two to three days of breathing in the Valley air, it is not unusual for many of them to come down with acute respiratory infections. In such a condition it is serious time to think about the EVs.

Electric vehicles were brought to Nepal in 2001. Though it’s been more than a decade its users are limited. This is due to hefty tax imposed by the government. Until this tax is lowered, electric vehicles will remain out of reach for the people. Lowering duties on emission-free vehicles and their parts to encourage ‘clean’ means of transport could be an important first step in reducing pollution in the valley. REVA cars are the first electric car that has entered in the Nepali automotive market. If we focus on the capital is the best vehicle which is affordable economically and environmentally.

Besides having many advantages there are challenges in the electric cars too. Is it really affordable for the developing nations?. Likewise in the context of Nepal where we have more than 18 hrs of power cut in a day. Is it really suitable? . Similarly the roads are so crowded that most of the timed we stuck in traffic jam what about the charge then? Electric cars are often considered clean in terms of emissions. While this is sometimes true, it is not that simple. The energy source used to provide power to the battery pack might not be so clean. This makes the electric car not so clean. There are many unanswerable needs to be solved before implementing the use of electric vehicles seriously. There is no doubt that for the clean environment electric vehicles is must. Now the time has come to facilitate the greater use of electric vehicles. However, the barriers remain considerable and greater involvement is required from the public administration to tackle “the chicken or the egg” dilemma faced by the sector.


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