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Vehicle Crime Carjacking

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Carjacking is an extremely rare form of vehicle crime. But once it occurs it grab media attention. Carjackers are the person who involved in carjacking. They force your cars off the road, jump drivers at junctions and steal keys from owners outside their homes or offices. Carjackers often target expensive executive cars but drivers of all vehicles should be aware of carjacking risks and take some simple precautions before it occurs. When you confront at this situation violence may occur sometimes.

First and foremost thing to avoid being victims of such crime is to concentrate on your surroundings and the people around you. Whilst driving, especially in unfamiliar areas, be aware of where you are and other drivers. If you feel that another car is driving close to you or has been following you then pull over to give the car a chance to overtake you. If they still continue to follow you then pull off the road to a populated area, such as a petrol station and raise the alarm. Sounding the horn should be enough to not only startle any potential thief but it also draws attention to you. More importantly whilst driving you should always keep your doors locked and your windows up, especially at traffic lights. When cars have stopped some thieves open doors to steal items so you should be careful when stopping at light junctions. Be aware of people around you and the other vehicles. Mostly some car thieves deliberately “bump” other cars forcing the driver out to survey the damage and to exchange insurance details. If you are involved in an accident then you are required to stop by law but you do not have to get out of the car. You may drive slowly to a place that is populated, again a petrol station, in order to speak to the other driver. If at any point the other driver becomes aggressive or threatening towards you then either drive away calmly or call the police.
Unfortunately some car thieves can dishonestly encourage other drivers to stop by pretending they have broken down or are in need of help. Should anyone, other than the police or other appropriate authorities, flag you down and ask you to pull over then you should not do so. If you are genuinely concerned then you should continue to the next garage or police station and report the matter, especially if someone tried to pull you over. Although you may be tempted to pull over and help you should always try to access the situation and ensure that you are not being encouraged into a trap. If you take precautions and be aware than you may get rid of carjackers safely.


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